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Dynamic Chiropractic – June 21, 1991, Vol. 09, Issue 13

What About You?

Where Do You Fit In?

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher
The study of the human body and how it functions is the primary basis for understanding how chiropractic care benefits the patient. But this understanding can also be the basis for how the chiropractic profession can and must function.

Our bodies are carefully designed combinations of different tissues, organs and substances. The muscles, ligaments, bones, skin, blood, etc., which make up the various parts of our body have similar types of cells and appear very uniform. In fact, any cells that are not uniform are usually considered unhealthy.

On a larger scale, everything is different. We have ears, eyes, hands, feet, etc. Nothing is the same. Even our hands are not the same, they are opposite so that they can complement each other. We appear to be a conglomerate that just happens to be functional.

This same analogy works effectively for the chiropractic profession. On the outside, we seem to be a loosely knit group with extreme differences. We don't share the same philosophy, techniques, or rationale. No one appears to be working with anyone.

It is possible to look at the chiropractic profession as a body. The parts of this profession function differently because we need numerous tasks addressed in order to effectively deliver chiropractic care to a suffering world in what is left of the twentieth century. We are not one big foot or one big eyeball. We are a chiropractic body that has different organizations that specialize to accomplish what needs to be done.

The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards addresses the needs of the state licensing boards just as the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations assists state associations in their agendas. Just because one organization doesn't focus on the needs of the other does not mean that there is not harmony. Each organization has its tasks. But all organizations should be communicating and cooperating as much as possible.

If we look beneath the surface, we see a profession that shares many common thoughts and practices. The lack of uniformity that is seen on the outside is often diversity for our own benefit. Deep down we are all chiropractic and should never forget that.

But, there are some crucial questions that must be answered.

What is your place? Are you a hand? Are you a knee? Where and how do you function in the diversified, yet unified body of chiropractic?

If you aren't supporting your college, you are restricting the "blood flow" of new life that sustains us.

If you don't belong to a state association, then you are not connected on a local level. You are our of sync with those around you.

If you don't belong to a national association, then you aren't receiving or communicating with any of the parts of our chiropractic "brains" (yes, we have different aspects to our "brains").

Your position in this chiropractic body depends greatly on what part of our "brains" you listen to. Who are the chiropractic leaders that you follow? From whom do you receive your direction for the chiropractic profession?

If you could nominate those individuals who would make up the "brains" of the chiropractic profession, who would they be?

This may be the most critical question that must be answered to bring unity to this profession. Once the leadership of the profession is well established, then unity can be examined regardless of organizational or philosophical boundaries.

This is your chance to demonstrate who the leadership of chiropractic really is.

By your "vote" let the profession know who you think the leaders are. Please send in the name of no more than three individuals who you believe are the "brains" of chiropractic. Mail or fax this to:

Chiropractic's Brains
P.O. Box 6100
Huntington Beach, CA 92615

Fax: (714) 536-1482

Your vote must be received by July 15, 1991 to be considered. The results will be presented in "DC" to let the chiropractic profession see who it is that leads us.

Do it now, make your voice heard.

DMP, Jr., H.C.D. (hc)

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