How to create patient trust, confidence, and MORE positive cash flow with digital x-ray technology

Sponsored by Biokinemetrics

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Moderator: Peter Crownfield, Executive Editor of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenters: Dr. Steven J. Kraus, President of Biokinemetrics
Andrew Cheesman, Digital X-ray Specialist

Topics include:

  • Safe plate technology to lower patient radiation and improve diagnostic quality.
  • How to get an ROI of over $25,000 without any new patients in 2017.
  • Elimination of plain film costs and cutting staff time by 300% with digital.
  • Modernization of your practice to meet new standards and patient expectations.
  • How to pay for digital x-ray with no money down and no real increase to overhead.

Steven J Kraus’, DC, FIACN, DIBCN background as a clinic owner, HIPAA compliance expert, and CEO of an EHR Company enables him to provide you with a unique perspective in assessing digital x-ray.

Andrew Cheesman nearly 10 years' experience with digital x-ray systems, expertise on CR, DR technology and background in chiropractic digital radiography will help you understand what to be aware of in digital x-ray.

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