A New Vision for Chiropractic: Primary Patient Care and the Blood Chemistry Connection

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Moderator: Ramon McLeod, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenters: George Birnbach, DC, The Nutritional Healing Center CEO/Senior Staff Clinician

Agenda at a Glance:

Part 1 | In a 2 Part Series

The progression of chiropractic into a primary care profession necessitates the implementation of specific diagnostic tools which are expected by the standards of care as well as patients. We as chiropractors already have these tools available to us within our scope of practice. One essential tool is blood testing.

Identifying biochemical physiology plays a major role in understanding the overall picture of your patient's health. We can positively affect the lives of our patients once we understand their unique biomarkers.

What blood tests can reveal and what we will review:

  • Physiological changes that show progression of disease states and their relationship to chiropractic and wellness
  • Evidence-based planning for diet, lifestyle and nutrition programs
  • And more ...

Learn how, as Chiropractors we can use blood testing to promote better care. Join us for Part 1 of this 2 Part Webinar.

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