How to Turn Your Chiropractic Patients into Functional Medicine Patients in 3 Easy Steps

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Moderator: Ramon McLeod, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenters: Dan Kalish, D.C. and Dicken Weatherby, N.D.

You Will Learn:

  • Why implementing Functional Medicine into your existing Chiropractic practice may be the most economically rewarding step you do this year.
  • Why Functional Medicine pays 4-5 times more/hour than your existing Chiropractic practice.
  • Dr. Kalish's model of Functional Medicine - a system designed by a Chiropractor for Chiropractors and road-tested in his chiropractic practice for 18 years.
  • An easy, effective, and step-by-step system
  • What you need to tap into this market on Monday morning.
  • The secrets to communicate the purpose and value of Functional medicine to your patients in 15 minutes or less.

Turn your existing Chiropractic patients into Functional Medicine patients.

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