New Year's Resolution Solution: Replace hCG Diet with Evolution Weight-Management Program with 500- and 1,000-Calorie Options

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Moderator: Ramon McLeod, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenter: Dr. Bruce Shelton MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH

Grow your practice by providing your patients with a comprehensive weight-management program. Help your patients finally realize their weight-loss goals in 2012 with the Evolution Weight-Management Program.

Agenda at a Glance:

Learn how this diet and lifestyle program, supervised by healthcare practitioners, can help your patients achieve lifelong health and weight maintenance.

This webinar will:

  • Explain the two options of the program, which are based on Simeons' original research and modified by nutritional experts:
    • A Moderately Restricted Active Lifestyle Program based on a 1,000-calorie diet and incorporating regular exercise
    • A Calorie-Restricted Lean Body Program based on a 500-calorie diet for sedentary patients with significant weight-loss goals
  • Describe problems often encountered with weight-management programs and provide solutions based on clinical experiences
  • Give a step-by-step guide to introducing this successful program into your practice or clinic

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