Using Class IV Therapy Lasers in Your Chiropractic Practice: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sponsored by K-LaserUSA

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Moderator: Ramon McLeod, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenter: Dr. Phil Harrington, DC, CMLSO, Manager of Education and Clinical Support, K-LaserUSA

Chiropractors who embrace therapeutic technology should consider adding Class IV laser therapy to their services. This webinar will examine common misconceptions (and truths) about using laser therapy to enhance healing and reduce pain by stimulating ATP production in damaged tissues. Higher powered therapy lasers have the ability to treat larger areas on the patient, and deliver therapeutic dosages of laser light to deeper tissues. Learn how Class IV laser therapy is an effective modality with virtually no side effects.

Agenda at a Glance:

  • What is Class IV laser therapy?
  • Does it damage tissue?
  • How and why does it work?
  • What to look for in a Class IV therapy laser
  • Presentation of clinical cases

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