Treating Numerous Medical Ailments with Low-Level Laser Therapy, a Clinical Discussion

Sponsored by Erchonia

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Moderator: Donald M. Petersen, Jr., Publisher of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenter: Ryan Maloney, Erchonia Medical Director

Agenda at a Glance:

A discussion of the underlining mechanism of LLLT

  • The principles of photo-chemistry
  • Photo-absorbing complex and subsequent biomodulation
  • Inducing secondary cascades (i.e. transcription factor activation/inhibition, gene expression and protein/growth factor synthesis)

Understanding proper treatment parameters

  • The importance of wavelength, dosage and coherency
  • Exploring the controversy over power; intensity and dosage

Histological and Clinical Evidence

  • The latest histological and clinical research
  • Exploring the utility of LLLT (3LT)
  • What this application means to the clinician and the patient

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