Misconceptions about Laser Therapy: How to improve clinical and business outcomes through New Hybrid Technology

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Moderator: Donald M. Petersen Jr., Publisher of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenter: Douglas Johnson, LAT, ATC, EES, CLS

The largest pitfall in phototherapy is differentiating the science from the hype. Companies commonly misrepresent their products as something they are not. Claims of effectiveness without studies, the disingenuous use of research and abstracts and overstating indications for use is too commonplace in this new field. This educational hour will help you learn the facts and is not to be missed!

Key points being covered:

  • Differences between hype and science in laser therapy
  • The impact of power and dose on laser application
  • Why continuous low level lasers are inadequate and often criticized
  • The technical parameters of laser devices
  • Advances in laser energy delivery, the super pulsed laser and hybrid technology

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