Only Dead Fish Swim With the Current: How to step up, stand out and outrageously succeed in today's chiropractic marketplace

Sponsored by Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

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Moderator: Ramon (Bud) McLeod, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamic Chiropractic

Presenter: Dr. Patrick Gentempo Jr., DC, CEO – CLA/CWA

Today's chiropractic marketplace is changing at such a velocity that many find themselves left behind and falling short of their goals. Many chiropractors are in the market, but they are not "market-ready." This leads to stress, burnout, and lack of success.

This one-hour presentation can boost your career and change your life.

Key points being covered:

  • The 3 key questions every DC must have clear answers to.
  • The 10 key characteristics of ultra-successful DCs (you will have the opportunity to rate yourself in these 10 areas).
  • High-impact, low-cost marketing strategies that can help jumpstart your practice to the next level and make your mission clear to your community.

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