Meet Cheyenne: Your Future Colleague

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Allow me to introduce you to Cheyenne (Chey), the daughter of some of our family's closest friends. We attend and serve at the same church together, and have known each other for many years. Chey very much wants to become a doctor of chiropractic. She is currently attending high school, where she is earning great grades and is particularly strong in science.

When her mother learned Chey wanted to become a DC, she asked me if Chey and I could get together to talk about the opportunities and challenges. It was my pleasure to talk with Chey and learn why chiropractic was so important to her.

Chey saw the benefits of chiropractic firsthand about a year ago when she accompanied her mother to one of her appointments. Seeing how her chiropractor helped her mother sparked an interest in Chey that has since grown into a raging fire.

Talking with Chey gave me insight into why she wants to be a DC and what excites her about it. Her motivation / attitude may remind you of why you became a doctor of chiropractic and why you pursue it with passion to this day:

  • Helping People – Like many young people today, Chey is looking for more than just a way to make money. She wants a career in which she can impact people's lives and feel really good about what she is doing.
  • Natural Care – Chey appreciates how natural chiropractic is. She sees wellness as the best way of life. She's not content with the "health through drugs" approach she sees around her.
  • Sacrifices – Chey is willing to work hard to become a doctor of chiropractic. Her resolve did not wane as we talked about the educational challenges, the national boards or the first years in practice. She has her eyes wide open and is ready to do what she has to do.
  • Leadership – Chey understands she must lead a wellness lifestyle before she can help others do the same. She is committed to wellness for herself, her family and ultimately, her patients.

Cheyenne - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Our conversation inspired me in many ways. Chey is already reading e-newsletters pertaining to chiropractic, nutrition, wellness, etc. Chey will be a senior in high school this coming year, yet she is already choosing classes that will prepare her for her career in chiropractic. It will be my honor to assist her in her journey to becoming a great doctor.

Being a doctor of chiropractic is not for everyone, of course. It takes commitment and fortitude to stand against the ongoing health care trend toward the overuse of drugs and surgery. A DC candidate must be willing to make a sincere, mature commitment to themselves and to their patients.

It is clear Chey is ready to make that commitment. While still young, she has the "right stuff" to see it through and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Who in your community should be a future doctor of chiropractic? Which high school or college-aged young people you see have what our future profession needs?

A single conversation with you (and some encouragement along the way) may be all it takes to inspire a young person to consider chiropractic as their career. Make time to take them (and their parents) out to lunch and share your experience.

As you know, it isn't all sunshine and roses, no profession is. But the challenges are certainly worth it when you consider the health and vitality you have brought to so many patients.

There are many young people searching for a greater purpose in life. They want to help people, but aren't aware of all their opportunities. Some of them are coming to your office for care. Don't miss the opportunity to share chiropractic as a way for them to fulfill their calling.

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