Revving Up the Positive Press

By Kent Greenawalt

Donate to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) today and you could drive away in a 2011 Ford Mustang! The FCP has unveiled a new-car giveaway. Here's how you could win: Every 2010 contributor will be given a chance to win. Each dollar you donate counts as an additional entry. You can make a pledge on the FCP Web site, fill out a pledge sheet or contact the foundation office (866-901-3427). The winner, to be announced at the 2011 Parker Las Vegas conference, will receive a two-year pre-paid lease of a new Mustang convertible. (Visit for complete contest details.)

The FCP is hard at work to spread the message of chiropractic in national publications. The foundation ad campaign for the remainder of 2010 will include ads in such diverse publications as Working Mother, Sports Illustrated and The Wall Street Journal. If no one hears the good things chiropractic has done and can do, the public's misconceptions about our profession will never change. That's why the foundation continues to spread the positive works of chiropractic in so many different avenues of communication: television spots, magazine ads, press releases, articles, etc.

As mentioned in my previous article, the foundation is also working to acquire a new prominent spokesperson. The FCP has had a wide variety of superstars represent the foundation - and chiropractic as a whole - to a new audience of people who do not know the benefits of chiropractic. The FCP is extremely selective and has high standards for its spokespeople. Those chosen represent the profession well, and each reaches different segments of the general population who may have never heard about the advantages of chiropractic.

For example, current spokesperson and NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has achieved tremendous success reaching a new audience. The FCP's updated Jerry Rice TV spot (available to foundation members) has already been broadcast 130 times in 32 different states with a total audience of more than 153 million people. Another TV spot (also available to FCP members) featuring spokesperson Brigadier General (Ret.) Becky Halstead was recently released and focused on chiropractic care in the military. Halstead is also coming off a very successful media tour during which she was interviewed by "Fox & Friends" in New York City and the Jim Bohannon Show in Washington, D.C.

The foundation is also producing a new TV spot to be released this month about handbag/backpack safety. This is a big concern for women as well as parents, especially with children starting school again in the fall, and it's just another example of the FCP working to promote chiropractic's benefits to the general public.

Have you joined this national effort to bring positive press to chiropractic? If not, now is the time. Take a look at what you are doing to help your profession. Evaluate what you can do and then join the cause. No donation is too small, because every new contribution means one more chiropractor has decided to help their profession. If every DC joined the fight to get more positive press for the profession, think of how much more we could do to spread the good news to the general public?

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