Chiropractic Taking Big Steps in Malaysia

Historic educational workshop sets stage for February launch of chiropractic program at private university.

Almost 30 chiropractors practicing in some six different countries gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the last weekend in November for the inaugural Chiropractic Workshop presented by the International Medical University (IMU). The head of the new chiropractic program at IMU, Professor Michael Haneline, hosted the two-day meeting, which presented 12 hours of cutting-edge continuing professional development for practitioners in the region. Delegates attended from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and other countries.

In his welcoming address the president of IMU, YBhg Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Abu Bakar Suleiman, made specific reference to the importance of the region commencing chiropractic education at an international standard. Tan Sri acknowledged the university's close working relationship with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency of the Ministry of Higher Education and with the Ministry of Health, governmental organizations that had made significant input into the design of the chiropractic curriculum. The meeting was officially opened by En Jaafar bin Lassa, the senior principal assistant director for the Policy and Development Section of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine of the Ministry of Health.

Breakout Session, Renowned Speakers Highlight Workshop

During the weekend, the Chiropractic Association of Malaysia (CAM) met in a breakout session. Dr. Vishwadeep Sandhu, association president, said that while continuing professional development/continuing education was not yet a formal requirement in Malaysia, the members appreciated the opportunity to interact in their own country with four world-renowned and highly regarded speakers: Chiropractic Taking Big Steps in Malaysia - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Dr. George LeBeau, speaking to attendees during the historic two-day workshop, is the chiropractic clinic director for the new program at IMU. Dr. Paul Noone (Australia), discussing functional neurology; Dr. George Le Beau (U.S.), speaking on chiropractic technique; Professor Phillip Ebrall (Australia) presenting on the chiropractic subluxation, and Professor Haneline, formerly of Palmer West and now head of chiropractic with IMU Malaysia, discussing evidence-based chiropractic.

Almost 200 members of the public, including prospective chiropractic students and their families, attended a concurrent information session on the discipline of chiropractic and its valuable role in managing low back pain, a prevalent public health issue in Malaysia. Prof. Ebrall spoke on the causes, treatments and prevention of low back pain; Dr. Le Beau demonstrated the analysis and correction of the spine in a typical patient with low back pain; and Prof. Haneline explained chiropractic in general. The audience was very receptive to the presentation, erupting into applause on several occasions and asking many questions.

February 2010 Launch of the Chiropractic Program at IMU

Chiropractic Taking Big Steps in Malaysia - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Approximately 40 chiropractic students will begin classes at Malaysia's International Medical University (IMU) in February 2010. Prof Haneline said the program would commence in February 2010 with an initial class of 40 new students. He expressed appreciation for the valuable assistance of the CAM in general and Drs, Graham Hunt and Thomas Ong in particular. An important element of the new program will be the development of practice-integrated learning opportunities throughout Malaysia, including community outreach visits for the express purpose of not just providing care opportunities, but also better informing the profession and its students of the diverse need for care in such a multicultural country.

Prof Haneline said he intended for the workshop to become an annual seminar of significance in the region and expressed the university's appreciation of the profession's strong support for the inaugural meeting. He also announced that during the week preceding the workshop, the senate of IMU confirmed the appointment of Phillip Ebrall as adjunct professor (chiropractic) with the Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Ebrall said he deeply appreciated the opportunity to work with such a progressive university to help the development of a curriculum that would become a world benchmark in chiropractic education. Dr. Le Beau has been appointed as the new chiropractic clinic director for the program.

IMU is a prestigious private international university with over 2,500 students that has for years offered degrees in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, medical biotechnology, nutrition & dietetics, and in 2010 is adding chiropractic and clinical psychology degree programs. For more information contact Dr. Michael Haneline by e-mail: .

Article submitted by Dr. Rand Baird, who had been serving in an advisory capacity at IMU and was recently appointed professor of chiropractic (part-time).

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