Parker College Doctor Treats Colombian Archers at World Championships

Dr. Aleisha Serrano, Parker College of Chiropractic's Colombia Abroad staff doctor, was invited to join the Colombian archery team as their chiropractor during the 45th World Archery Championships. The event, held in Ulsan, Korea, featured 64 competing countries.   

Six Colombian archers competed on their country's team including Natalia Sanchez, Sigrid Romero, Ana Rendon, Natalia Londono, Daniel Munoz, and Robinson Alvarez. Dr. Serrano treated all six athletes with chiropractic care throughout the competition.   

"I gained a lot of experience with this event and am very proud to show chiropractic to these athletes," said Dr. Serrano. "I have worked with athletes in many sports, but never archery. I learned about their sport while they learned about chiropractic."

Colombia was awarded eighth place in the team recurve style. Among 97 competitors Colombia's Sigrid Romero placed 16th and Natalia Sanchez won the bronze medal in the single recurve style.

"Colombia made history when Natalia Sanchez won the bronze medal," said Dr. Serrano. "This was the first time a Latin American female archer won a medal in a World Championship."

"Dr. Serrano was a great help with my injuries during the World Championship and I thank her so much for everything she did," said Sanchez.  

"The adjustments were a great relief for spine subluxations," said Dr. Serrano. "Since they are all right-sided, they had to look to the left constantly to shoot, so [their necks and upper backs] were subluxated."

Dr. Serrano treated the team every day after competition with chiropractic, muscle work, cold laser, kinesiotaping, and Graston Technique.

Source: Parker College of Chiropractic  

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