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Big Name Joins the NPCO Team

The Nonprofit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO), which is organizing a team of runners to compete in this year's Chicago Marathon, has announced that world-renowned runner Reza Baluchi will be a member of the team. Baluchi is perhaps best known for his "Run 4 Peace," a 124-day, 3,720-mile run from Los Angeles to Ground Zero in New York in 2003. Last year, he ran the perimeter of the United States, a distance of 11,500 miles, in 202 days.

Chiropractic care is an important component of his running success, which explains his support for the NPCO and his participation on the organization's chiropractic race team: Says Baluchi: "I always have chiropractors [who] come meet me along my long routes and some of them run with me. They give me extra energy while making my body perform at its peak. We all share the same goal of spreading the message of peace and harmony."

The Chicago Marathon will be held on Oct. 11, and the NPCO and its approximately 80-member race team will be out in full force. To learn more, visit To learn more about Baluchi, including his upcoming five-year run around the world, visit his Web site, And don't think he needs to rest up before arriving in Chicago this fall; Baluchi is scheduled to run from L.A. to New York starting Aug. 16, with the hopes of completing the journey in under 47 days and entering the Guinness Book of World Records in the process.

Cleveland KC Students Advocate for Change

Students at Cleveland Chiropractic College Kansas City recently participated in a five-day letter-writing campaign that resulted in more than 1,300 letters being sent to current DCs. Students personalized a form letter that outlined the Chiropractic Summit's recent call to action: "That essential chiropractic services be included as a covered benefit under any national reform plan; that every patient should have the right to choose and be reimbursed for all health care services from doctors of chiropractic without barriers and limitations that unfairly restrict their freedom of choice; and that there be no MD-referral requirement for patients to obtain access to chiropractic care."

Students personalized each letter and requested that DCs take action to help ensure inclusion in national health care reform by encouraging their patients to register for advocacy networks such as the ACA's and the ICA's

"Of immediate importance is that [this campaign] will increase the number of chiropractors and chiropractic patients who will contact their senators, members of Congress and President Obama about including chiropractic in health reform in a full and fair manner," said Dr. Daniel Redwood, associate professor. "In the long run, it will also demonstrate to current chiropractic students that political activity is extremely important. They are learning that they can make a difference."

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