Champions of Chiropractic

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Each issue in 2008, a special "Looking Back / Looking Forward" feature highlights the events and people who have helped shape our profession during the past 25 years.1 This feature is part of our 25th anniversary celebration. (By the way, the June 3 issue is our 600th!)

In reviewing the growth of chiropractic in the past 25 years, it is clear that our accomplishments as a profession have been based upon the dedication and hard work of those who championed various causes. This includes both those who made the "headlines" and those who didn't.

This realization prompted me to remember a conversation I had a few years ago with a very prominent member of our profession. We were talking about some of the people who have made a positive impact. We both lamented the fact that a number of those people have passed away with little recorded about who they really were and what they accomplished.

At that time, I felt a burden to encourage the creation of some kind of "Chiropractic Hall of Fame." This would be a place where the great accomplishments in chiropractic - and those who made them happen - are remembered.

With the passing of Joe Keating,2 we witnessed the loss of one of our greatest chiropractic historians. The files he had of our history are incredibly extensive. That loss will be felt in the future as well. Joe won't be there to record the events that will shape our profession over the next 25 years.

Having said all of this, we at Dynamic Chiropractic have decided to create a Web site dedicated to the Champions of Chiropractic. This site will highlight the people whose efforts have helped shape our profession and determined our course for the future. Most importantly, we want their stories to be told by them; the people who can best share both their conquests and their challenges.

As the chiropractic news source, we at Dynamic Chiropractic have some ideas about who should be honored on this Web site. But we don't always see what you see. That is why we need your input.

Whom would you nominate as a Champion of Chiropractic? We have established a Web page to make the nomination process easy. All you need do is go online to You can nominate as many people as you believe should be honored.

From your nominations, we are committed to conducting extensive interviews with four to six Chiropractic Champions per year. These interviews will cover the most important events in their lives:

  • You will be able to hear, in their own words, how the events of their life brought them to chiropractic.
  • You will hear them talk about their toughest challenges and greatest successes.
  • You will get to know, firsthand, the people who accomplished so much for chiropractic.

As each interview is completed, a short summary will appear in an issue of DC. From that summary, you hopefully will gain a better understanding of the person you've heard and read about so much over the years.

These will be important for doctors and students - today and for centuries to come. Please take a moment to give us direction on who you would like to learn about. This is a project too long in the making. The time is now.


  1. This issue's "Looking Back / Looking Forward" feature begins on page 32.
  2. "In Memorium: Joseph C. Keating Jr., PhD." Dynamic Chiropractic, Nov. 19, 2007.

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