Defending Chiropractic in Connecticut

Battle continues against anti-chiropractic groups that claim the adjustment causes stroke.

By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor

Connecticut chiropractors continue to battle the anti-chiropractic rhetoric of the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group (CSAG), which has now added television spots to its campaign against the profession. CSAG has expanded its advertising objective by adding a television awareness campaign that asks viewers, "Have you been injured by a chiropractor?" on the ABC affiliate WTNH-TV News Channel 8. The commercial also provides contact information for victims to seek information and support.

The group claims the commercials are part of an ongoing public awareness effort that includes print and outdoor advertising, designed to raise the public consciousness about the risks of chiropractic treatment. The group also has launched the same commercial on the Fox affiliate, WTIC-TV.

These commercials are the latest in a massive anti-chiropractic campaign dating back to the spring of 2005. At that time, a billboard appeared in a popular section of New Haven, Conn., which read, "Warning: Chiropractic Adjustments Can Kill or Permanently Disable You." The group behind this billboard was backed by the "international" group It was later uncovered by Dynamic Chiropractic that the person behind Neck911 was chiropractic critic and anesthesiologist, Dr. John Kinsinger. After just a few days, the Connecticut Chiropractic Council and the Connecticut Chiropractic Association (CCA)managed to have the billboard removed.

The CSAG then surfaced again and placed an advertisement in the Hartford Courant on Dec. 1, 2005. Among other claims, the ad stated that the group's members were "the proof" that chiropractic adjustments are not safe and included both a telephone number and e-mail address for people to contact them. On Dec. 6, 2005, the ACA contacted the Courant asking them to reconsider running the ads. One week later, the CCA ran its own ad, "Clarifying Chiropractic."

The CCA responded to the anti-chiropractic onslaught with a public relations campaign of its own. In March, 2007, the CCA unleashed print, radio and television advertisements, with the help of many and at a cost of more than $100,000. It remains to be seen how Connecticut's chiropractors will deal with this latest anti-chiropractic battle.

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