The Chiropractic World Comes to Your Office

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Imagine if you could have access to the leading authorities in clinical chiropractic.

How far could you advance your practice by utilizing the most current information on the most effective ways to care for your patients? What level of growth could you achieve if you could access the brightest minds - all with insights on growing your practice?

The Internet has become a powerful tool for information and education. Harnessed correctly, it can put you in front of experts that can provide you with all you need to grow and excel as a doctor of chiropractic.

This always has been the goal of Dynamic Chiropractic. And now, through the power of technology, we can do it live! Beginning in January, we will be bringing you a series of live online seminars. These will be on various topics, all centered around growing your practice and enhancing your clinical care. And best of all, they will be presented to you completely free.

From the comfort of your office, you can attend and participate in these live Web seminars. You will hear the speakers, see their presentations and be able to ask questions (via e-mail) and get answers during the events.

Unlike regular seminars, you will be given the opportunity to answer poll questions during the presentation that will help direct the flow of information. This is in addition to a survey at the end of the program that will allow you to give your input on all aspects of the program.

Also, unlike traditional seminars, you will have access to the recorded programs anytime you want to review them or share them with others. You can view the recorded presentations even if you can't attend the live program. You don't have to buy the DVD; you can just watch the program again and again, as many times as you like.

What we're creating is a place on the Internet where you can watch free, live and recorded presentations. These seminars brings experts into your office without causing you to close your practice, get on a plane or pay a registration fee. As previously mentioned, the first online seminars will be presented in January. We will announce the initial schedule just after the first of the year.

Unfortunately, this new technology will only allow 500 DCs to attend each online seminar. This means that you will want to sign up early for those programs in which you really are interested. In order to assist you with this, we have established a priority registration program that will give you advanced notice and registration. You will be among the first to know and have the opportunity to be among the first to register. It's easy to sign up for priority registration:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Subscribe for Priority Registration."
  3. Enter your name, degree and e-mail address (twice to ensure correct entry).

From there, you will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know you signed up correctly. Then, early next year, you will receive an e-mail announcing each Web seminar, providing you with a summary of what will be presented and giving you the direct link to register for the seminar. As a priority registrant, you will receive invitations before the rest of the chiropractic profession.

Take a few minutes to enter this new era of online information and education. You will be surprised at how much you will appreciate this new educational medium.


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