ChiroMall Unveils New Web Site

By Editorial Staff

With more than 4,700 chiropractic products offered in 46 online stores, ChiroMall is undisputedly the largest online source for chiropractic products. Having so many stores on a single Web site gives doctors of chiropractic a great opportunity to comparison shop; however, with so many products, finding the right product at the right price can still be a challenge.

ChiroMall has just unveiled a new Web site that makes it much easier to find what you're looking for, especially if it's on sale. Built from the ground up, the new site still allows you to shop by store, product category and direct search. In addition, you can find products by searching through any of these new categories:

  • new arrivals;
  • top sellers;
  • specials;
  • low-priced items.

You can access these categories to review products by store and to see what's available in the entire mall. In addition, each store has its products listed by category, so you can quickly see the breakdown of products offered by each store.

Save up to $25 on All Purchases in December

ChiroMall will pay you a cash rebate of up to $25 when you log in and make a purchase by Dec. 31, 2006. Specially priced online discounts are included in the computation of your cash rebate (so you save twice on specially priced items), and all purchases made during your visit apply.

If you've already been to ChiroMall, you'll want to return to save money on your year-end shopping. If you've never been to, you can use the user ID and password provided at the bottom of the front page of this issue. You'll be asked to change your user ID and password once you enter the mall. Remember, ChiroMall is a private online mall designed exclusively for doctors of chiropractic.

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