Analgesics, Pain-Relief Aids, etc ... What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff
You've made the decision to become a doctor of chiropractic; invested money in your education, the perfect practice location, staffing, etc. Now what? Where can you go to find information on products, education and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is a monthly column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts: the companies themselves. This column focuses on companies that offer analgesics, pain-relief aids and similar products to the chiropractic profession. Consider the wide range of choices available:

Albert Max, Inc.: Albert Max, Inc., provides high-quality herbal medicines to practitioners at affordable prices. We provide external-use pain-relief herbal remedies, including plaster, patch, cream, ointment, spray and poultices. We also offer single and formula concentrated herbal powder extracts, all of which are pharmaceutical grade manufactured under GMP standards. Phone: 800-617-2021; E-mail: ; Web:

China-Gel, Inc.: Developed and clinically tested by a chiropractor, Dr. Paul Tullio, China-Gel is a topical pain reliever used by chiropractors to improve the effectiveness of their ultrasound treatments and post-treatment care. It is an herbal and greaseless topical that incorporates modern technology with ancient pain-relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. The herbal ingredients, which include menthol, camphor, ginseng, angelica, lavender oil, aloe vera, and witch hazel, produce a fast and lasting relief. Phone: 800-898-4435; E-mail: ; Web:

Dr. Hoy's Pain Relief Gel: Doctor Hoy's is a cutting-edge formula that uses the latest technical advancements in chemistry. Our menthol and camphor formula is cool when applied, and then gradually warms to provide comforting pain relief from soreness caused by overworked muscles and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, sprains, backache, joints and strains. The combined action of the classic natural pain relievers menthol and camphor makes this a truly unique product. Phone: 866-674-8000; Web:

Ellis Chiropractic Group: Dr. Tom Ellis resides and practices chiropractic medicine in St Petersburg, Fla., and he has found that the Lightoolz are a wonderful enhancement to the healing process. It has been shown that our bodies need light as well as food for energy. We are all light deficient. Lightoolz products provide us with a way to deliver light to our cells for enlightenment at the cellular level. Phone: 727-384-8204; Web:

Hockert Sales: Hockert Sales is a family-owned business that has been serving health care professionals for over 17 years. You'll love our excellent customer service and superior quality supplies, including: acupuncture supplies, cold & hot packs, electrotherapy supplies, six nutrition lines, orthopedic supports, pillows & cushions, clinic supplies, topical analgesics, lotions & gel and X-ray supplies. Most orders placed by 2 p.m. ship the same day. Visit our new Web site today. Phone: 800-451-5739; Web:

International Ally: International Ally has created innovative natural pain relief with their new product, thermal-aid hot/cold therapy pack. Proven to have phenomenal results, through clinical testing by osteopathic doctor David E. Toomey, Thermal-Aid pack is characterized by its remarkably efficient ability to retain heat and cold using corn processed to retain temperature evenly. Offered in various forms including a 22" keyboard/neck pack, standard treatment pack, and thermal-aid bear now at

Lhasa: Since 1980, Lhasa OMS has been providing the highest quality chiropractic and acupuncture supplies at the lowest possible prices. We carry a wide variety of pain-relief products, including several different brands of herbal plasters, sprays and creams. For online ordering, visit our Web site available 24 hours a day. Phone: 800-722-8775; E-mail: ; Web:

Performance Health: The Biofreeze family of pain-relieving products includes a soothing gel, convenient roll-on, and a new no-touch natural Cryospray. Biofreeze® effectively relieves pain from sore muscles, muscle spasms, strains, and sprains, tendonitis, upper and lower backaches, sore joints, and will help minimize next-day aches and pains. Also aids in reducing swelling and inflammation. Use as often as necessary in 16 oz. or 32 oz. spray or gel-pump bottles. Phone: 800-246-3733; Web:

Straight Arrow: Straight Arrow is a family-owned business in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, started in 1970, that manufactures a variety of hair and skin care products for people and animals, including Medic Ice, the only topical pain-relief formula to be exclusively endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Straight Arrow's products are sold worldwide at 60,000 locations, including professional practitioners' offices, mass merchants, drug stores, supermarkets, beauty supply stores, and pet stores. Phone: 800-827-9815; E-mail: ; Web:

Thermal Comfort, Inc.: Our HotStrokes PHDs and Starter insulated holsters will warm your healing touch. They are designed for the dedicated bodyworker and are completely portable - great for the mobile therapist. Our products allow constant contact with your client to enhance client contentment, facilitate change in muscle tissue, and increase client loyalty. Phone: 866-660-WARM; E-mail: ; Web:

Vonco Medical Products: Vonco Medical buys, sells and trades new and pre-owned medical, rehab and fitness equipment. Vonco is a dealer for Biofreeze, used to enhance the effect of therapies. Many health care professionals recommend that their patients use Biofreeze for maximum pain relief between office visits. Patients report as much as 6-8 hours of pain relief. Biofreeze dissipates quickly and is greaseless, stainless and has no lingering scent. Phone: 800-972-6461; E-mail: ; Web:

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