Attention: Doctors of Chiropractic Who Are Not Members of a National and/or State Association

By Gene G. Veno

I know you are out there and I know how many of you are practicing each day in your local communities without any national or state affiliation. I sometimes wonder to myself, "How do you maintain your practice with the many legal and regulatory challenges facing the profession each day?"

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to read about federal rules that require you to practice one way and then advise you to practice another. By now, I am sure you are getting the picture that you cannot practice these days without national and state representation, to ensure that your right to practice is protected on all levels. Just because you have a license to practice does not guarantee your practice is free from governmental intrusion. Be very careful to understand that your scope of practice in your respective state is as valuable, if not more valuable, than your individual license to practice.

My first desire is that all doctors of chiropractic join their national and state associations; of course, it would be a wonderful world if there were only one association for every doctor in the entire country. However, being a realist, I know that one organization may offer you something another organization does not. No problem - just look at our diverse national political landscape. There is a party for everyone, but just like political organizations, the public rarely votes more than 50 percent of the time for either party. Is there a message there somewhere?

We can say the same about religion. Just look at the many denominations of belief you can ascribe to in your community. You have the freedom to choose and it is very likely that, by the time you were 5 years old, your politics and religion were already planted firmly in your cerebral cortex by your parents. Over the years, you may have made a bold individual statement and changed your religious or political affiliations, but statistics clearly show that we rarely leave the family reservation; we continue the circle of life just as our parents and their parents before them.

So, I am not here to ask you to change your political or religious affiliations. I am here to ask you to support the profession you love and cherish by supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a foundation that transcends political and religious beliefs!

The F4CP has no desire to tell you how to practice, nor do we want to engage in any type of diatribe about the type of practice you need to have to survive in today's health care market. What we want to do is simply this:

Establish positive press for the chiropractic profession so that the general public, those who do not yet visit a chiropractor, will begin to "Think About It, and Then Think Again" about calling their local chiropractor the next time they seek a doctor's care.

And by the way, we are not just suggesting patients seek out the services of a chiropractor when they hurt; we also want them to seek out the services of a chiropractor to maintain wellness. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is only about the patient and the doctor, and our message is simple: "Chiropractic Care for All." The "how" you treat your patients is up to you. We just want to educate the public to visit your office more times than they already do. There is a tremendous market for us to reach.

Your monthly contribution of $100, over the next two years, will be a serious investment in both your practice and the future of your profession. So think about it and then think again.

Gene Veno
President, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Author's note: For further information on the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and its ongoing Campaign for Chiropractic, please send me an e-mail at .

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