Campaign for Chiropractic Gaining Momentum

By Editorial Staff

The Campaign for Chiropractic is beginning to gain steam as more leaders and organizations come on board. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the nonprofit organization from which the campaign was created, has formed its first board of directors and selected Gene Veno as its first president. Mr. Veno is currently the executive director of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and was the mastermind behind the recent unity in New Jersey - six of the state's chiropractic organizations now work together, with four of those merging to form a new association.1

Recognizing the need for a sustained national advertising and public relations campaign, Kent Greenawalt, the president of Foot Levelers, Inc., created the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress in 2003. His first goal was to garner initial support from most of the major chiropractic organizations. This resulted in the signing of the Declaration of United Public Relations on Nov. 8 of that year.2,3

From there, Mr. Greenawalt began laying a foundation of support from the chiropractic supplier community. During this first year, a public relations firm was hired to conduct research with current, former and non-chiropractic patients, to determine their experiences and opinions. What was learned is now being used to develop a strategic Campaign for Chiropractic, designed to change the image of chiropractic among the American public.4,5

Having invested much of his own money into making the Campaign for Chiropractic a reality, Mr. Greenawalt has now taken the foundation to the next level by establishing an independent board. And while Mr. Greenawalt will continue to support the foundation financially, it is considered his gift to chiropractic and will function in the best interest of the profession.

Foundation President Gene Veno had this to say about the development of the Campaign for Chiropractic:

"We have now focused our sites on developing a national media campaign with a PR firm that will develop materials for our national campaign. It will be my responsibility to work with our PR firm on a day-to-day basis, creating exciting and vital information that our Doctors of Chiropractic can use in their offices.

"My goal is to have product in hand within the next 6 months. This is a history-making event that will transcend all other national campaigns. Our goal is simple: inform the public on the value of Chiropractic. Over the next few months the profession will begin to see the benefits of joining the Campaign for Chiropractic - this is truly a Foundation of doctors who believe in the future of this profession.

"This is going to be exciting and challenging, but the rewards will be awesome when we begin to unveil the media campaign. I want every doctor, every college, every chiropractic student, every chiropractic administrator and all vendors of chiropractic to participate in the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress - together we will impact the future of chiropractic care in this country!

"Over the next few months I will be speaking at scheduled events, conversing with state association directors, chiropractic suppliers, chiropractic colleges and institutions to gain their up-front support for the Foundation of Chiropractic Progress.

"If any organization has an opening on their program agenda, we will be there to present The Campaign for Chiropractic - we need help in spreading our message. We are looking for volunteers in each state who will serve as Foundation Spokespersons - acquiring pledges and answering questions about the Foundation For Chiropractic Progress. If you are interested in serving on the Foundation National Volunteer Committee, please send your name and information to my attention at or fax it to me at 717.724.4563."


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