ChiroMall/Neck Orthotic Posture Right™ Giveaway

You Could Be One of Three Prize Winners

By Editorial Staff

Log in to today, and you could be a winner of Neck Orthotic's Posture Right. The Posture Right is the "curve" that works, helping correct the loss of cervical curve and forward head posture. It's a new and revolutionary cervical extension traction device that will help you improve your patients' neck, head and TMJ pain.

  • 1st Prize - 5 cases of Posture Right (12 per case). Retail value of $2,400.
  • 2nd Prize - 3 cases of Posture Right (12 per case). Retail value of $1,440.
  • 3rd Prize - 1 case of Posture Right (12 per case). Retail value of $480.

Each day you log in to ChiroMall during the month of May counts as a separate entry, giving you up to 31 chances to win. There is no purchase required, no membership needed, and absolutely no fees. ChiroMall is your online shopping site for all things chiropractic, and the "Log in to Win" contest is open to all licensed doctors of chiropractic.

More details on The Posture Right can be found in ChiroMall's Neck Orthotic store. Be sure to visit the home page of ChiroMall for more information and prize details. To log in to ChiroMall, you will need your unique user ID and password, which were printed on the front page of the May 7, 2005 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic. If you don't have that issue handy, call us toll-free 800-359-2289 to receive your unique user ID and password.

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