Dr. Charles Herring, D.C. Keynote Speaker at MPI's 1991 Advanced Seminar in Oahu.

By Editorial Staff

The impressive accomplishments of Dr. Herring have brought an elevated recognition and respect for chiropractic by state legislators, much to the pride of the chiropractic profession. This 1968 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, received a Clinical Excellence Award upon graduation, perhaps an indication of the performance he was to render in his career.

Commencement became something of a given, as Dr. Herring went on to pursue a military placement in the U.S. Navy resulting in another distinctive graduation, this time from the Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, Illinois, where he became an instructor in anatomy and physiology.

From there, Dr. Herring began his remarkable career in chiropractic, namely in the public sector. During the past 20 years, his full-time practice has grown appreciably in Alexandria, Louisiana, the place which he still calls home.

It's not just the patient/residents of this southern town who so enthusiastically approve of Dr. Herring -- those sentiments include the chiropractic population as well. In addition to his most notable accomplishments in his role in the Louisiana State House of Representatives, Dr. Herring's development of the Herring Cervical Motion Unit, radiographic gonimeter, and computer program of the same name, have been integrated into the student clinic and curriculum of Texas Chiropractic College.

On many levels, Dr. Herring's devotion to chiropractic has been evidenced in his labors to upgrade his profession.

Of all his professional endeavors, perhaps the most significant has been his appointment to the Louisiana State Comprehensive Health Planning Council, where he became insturmental in the development of a comprehensive health planning program. It was designed, according to Dr. Herring, "to develop a national health policy, which was going to dictate what national health insurance would include in order to meet the health care needs of the people in each area of the country."

In more recent years, Dr. Herring was elected to the Louisiana state legislature where he is now serving his third year in the House of Representatives as well as on the Health and Welfare and Civil Law Committees.

"This has allowed me to be involved in a major rewrite of our workers' compensation laws," said Dr. Herring. "Having the opportunity to sit in the governor's office," he adds, "allowed me to be a part of a group of people who were drafting major, broad-sweeping reforms in our whole workers' compensation system."

The issues of utilization review and IMEs to determine the appropriateness and necessity for chiropractic care, or what the governor felt was widespread abuse and overutilization of specialty providers were the subject of strenuous debate.

Dr. Herring made the governor aware of the fact that chiropractic is addressing the need to establish standards of care and the determination of the need for care based on the level of services required by the patient's condition.

Through skilled negotiation of these discussions, Dr. Herring was subsequently able to make significant in-roads in overcoming obstacles in the governor's office and the workers' compensation system borne of misconceived or negative attitudes toward chiropractic.

The new, improved climate in Louisiana by state administrators and legislators toward chiropractic is due, in very large part to long and laborious efforts of this highly talented servant of our profession.

This spring Dr. Herring has agreed to address the MPI Advanced Seminar in Makaha. His course is titled: To Measure is to Know, Otherwise You Guess.

This course:

  • Renders templating and overlay studies non-specific and outdated. It is simple and easy to use with motion films of cervical spine.

  • Proves the presence of ligamentous damage.

  • Uses motion films and will cover interpretation and technics.
We are very excited to be adding him to our distinguished list of speakers in Hawaii.

Makaha, on the island of Oahu, is the Hawaii you've always dreamed about and so much more. Add this to a list of fantastic speakers, and we're sure that this year's Advanced Seminar will be a sell-out! This year's seminar is being offered at an incredibly low price. The scramble for reservations is beginning, so make yours early. This year's price, by the way, is $600 less per couple than last year. Call today to register for the most unforgettable six days you'll ever spend at a seminar within a vacation.

For more information and details, or for early registration just telephone MPI's Chiropractic Order Desk at 1-800-327-2289. MPI will accept your $200 deposit using either your Mastercard or Visa. Early registration is recommended to insure your spot at the 1991 Advanced Seminar.

  • For those planning to attend the Advanced Seminar in Makaha, you won't want to miss MPI's TMJ seminar February 16-17, instructed by Dr. Darryl Curl, D.D.S., D.C. When you call our 800 number, tell the operator you also want to attend Dr. Curl's seminar the previous weekend in Waikiki. We hope to see you there!
Keep your eye on future issues as we will be bringing you more information about Makaha, the speakers and the programs in store for MPI's Advanced Seminar in 1991. -- Ed.

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