"Wake Up and Smell the Insurance Companies"

By Steven B. Wasserman, DC

Yes, doctor, I'm talking to you. The one at this seminar in the $1,500 suit. The one who has five CAs, sees 500 patients a week (of course he doesn't tell you that it takes 450 patients a week just to meet his overhead and his 20 associate doctors -- slaves -- working for him!).

Wake up all of you! We are all in trouble! The insurance industry, over the last year especially, is finally doing what they have wanted to do all along with the American Medical Association; eliminate chiropractic. But now they're even smarter with their economic plan.

I am sick and tired of hearing from my CA, "Mr. Jones now has a $2,000 deductible; they only cover manipulation; they only pay for 10 visits a year at $10 a treatment; and you need a permission slip -- excuse me, a prescription from their family doctor before you can adjust. Also, the insurance adjustor says he can't find your last billing (the one you sent registered mail), please resubmit and then maybe they will reconsider your claim; or our insurance chiropractic consultant says your patient that you examined and treated doesn't need you anymore. (Wow, he must be a good doctor!)"

Show me a medical doctor that has these exact insurance problems. Where are the national organizations? Where is the insurance commissioner? Where are all of us doctors of chiropractic? Don't let any insurance company get away with anything anymore. Fight back. We're worth it.

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