Kentuckiana Launches Fund-Raising Campaign to Build New Facility

By Editorial Staff

The Board of Directors of the Kentuckiana Children's Center for Education, Health & Research Inc., has approved a plan to raise funds for the purpose of building a new facility. The board also announced that Dan Arbach and John Salzman of the Arbach Marketing Group, Inc., have been retained as development officers to assist the board and Dr. Golden with the implementation of the plan.

The center, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has operated from old army barracks since 1957 according to Dr. Lorraine M. Golden, D.C., founder and executive administrator. Dr. Golden said, "The center is a private, non-profit, charitable organization chartered by the state of Kentucky."

"Our mission," according to Dr. Golden, "is to provide free health and special educational services to multi-handicapped children of families that are unable to obtain private or public services for their special needs children, and to share clinical findings with others who want to improve the quality of life for handicapped children."

The center has provided services to children from 37 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and India and has never received funds from traditional sources because of the center's affiliation with chiropractic care. Dr. Golden said, "The chiropractic profession has been most supportive and we will be calling members of the profession for support again, in the very near future."

The center has received a parcel of land from the City of Louisville and has to build on the property or lose it. Dr. Golden said it was for this reason that the board of directors decided to take action now to seek funds to construct the new facility which is expected to cost $60,000,000 dollars and open in 1994.

According to Dr. Golden, the center is unique because it brings together a blend of multi-discipline health care specialists and special education teachers. Special education services are provided on site to about 60 multi-handicapped children each year and health care services are provided on an out-patient basis to an additional 350 children annually.

Fund raising for this worthy cause would not be a major problem according to Dr. Golden, were it not for roadblocks that have been created by the medical establishment. She said, "We refuse to compromise on the chiropractic principle" and vowed to continue her 35-year struggle to resist pressure to take funds in exchange for compromising chiropractic care and the chiropractic profession."

Dr. Golden said, "Our dream is to make the new center the Mayo Clinic for the chiropractic profession."

Lorraine M. Golden, D.C.
Founder & Executive Administrator
Kentuckiana Children's Center
Louisville, Kentucky

These are very special children with very special needs. For some families, Kentuckiana's future is their only hope. But the hopes and dreams cannot come true without financial support from everyone associated with the chiropractic profession. Individuals and businesses associated with chiropractic care can send contributions to: The Kentuckiana Children's Center for Education, Health and Research, Inc., 3700 Georgetown Place, P.O. Box 16039, Louisville, Kentucky 40256-0039.

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