PMA - The Profession Responds!

By Editorial Staff

Presented here are excerpts of the many letters we have received regarding Practice Management Associates. Well over 100 chiropractors have taken the time to write, with at least another 50 who decided to contact Dynamic Chiropractic by phone.

Two unusual events occurred in connection with the response of the chiropractic profession to the PMA issue:

  1. Never before have so many chiropractors and chiropractic students called us to voice their feeling about an issue. Many to relay heart-wrenching stories about failed practices, bankruptcies and the inability to adequately provide for their family. Most of these doctors phoned instead of writing because they feared exposure. All but one DC who telephoned, were very negative toward their experiences with PMA.

  2. Here at "DC" the feelings of the profession are almost palpable judging from the response letters we usually receive. This was very true last year with the NCMIC write-in election. Unfortunately, PMA was not satisfied to allow the response process occur in a normal manner.

Instead, PMA wrote a letter to every client they ever had over the past TEN YEARS. This letter directly solicited each of these clients and former clients to write a letter to Dynamic Chiropractic to tell us how successful PMA had made them. In essence, PMA chose to artificially induce its own responses rather then depend upon their clients to speak-up for them.

Interestingly enough, out of the thousands of clients PMA has consulted with over the years, just over 60 chose to respond. This translates into less than two percent of PMA's clients taking the time to make statements on their behalf.

In addition, many anti-PMA letters came from clients who wrote only because the PMA solicitation letter had made them so angry.

We are presenting these excerpts for your examination. Due to the length and volume of mail received, it was not possible to print the entire letters. Controversial as they are, they represent both sides of a very emotional subject. If they have anything in common at all, it can be said that these letters are all from present or former PMA clients.

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