What they never taught us down at the science place (medical school)

By Lendon H. Smith, MD

In medical school we became acquainted with the fact that electrical energy was present and that the body was able to produce it. But it was only important for use in diagnoses. The electroencephalogram, or brain wave test, was helpful in epilepsy, and some cases of stroke or tumor in the brain. The electrocardiogram told us about the electrical current that was stimulating the heart muscle to beat in a specific way. It could pick up heart block and some arrhythmias. That was about the extent of our knowledge of electricity as part of body function. We knew that a blast of electrical energy to the brain could frighten the depression out of some involutional types (electro-shock therapy), but it was mainly used for occult investigation.

Mainstream medicine knew something about the body electric, but it did not know what to do with the information. The impetus for a change of attitude has come from outside the medical community. When it comes to new principles, medical doctors are usually the last to find out about them -- and they got it from their patients or from Time magazine.

Understanding the body and its imbalances and disharmonies requires a wholistic approach. Body, mind, and spirit are not separate departments; they interact in some well-documented ways. The psyche can wreck the immune system, and nutritional deficiencies can cause emotional upheavals. We are interconnected. Anger hurts the angry. Laughter heals the laugher.

It is not enough to feed the bag of chemicals called the body. We must pay attention to the interaction of the parts. We know that electricity is the driving force in every cell. Each cell acts as a battery with an electrical charge that is different on the inside of the cell. When a nerve cell is stimulated, a wave of depolarization travels down the nerve fiber. Potassium is released and sodium moves into the cell. When that current passes, the cell wall must re-establish the charge difference. A pump gets the potassium back inside the cell again. This battery sets up its own electromagnetic current about its cell, and the collection of all these electrical forces about the trillions of our cells constitutes our energy system. By George, I have just described the soul!

It is this subtle electrical energy that produces life. Of course, the proper amounts of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, and water must all be present to make this system operate. Good food, clean water and air help us maintain this balance. But we are more than this solid flesh. We are all connected to one another in this universe; our parts are interconnected and the nervous system and its electrical energy allow one part of us to relate to another.

Fatigue may be that the batteries have run down. The cells need glucose, but they need the minerals to act as cathode and anode so that there is a voltage potential in each cell. The body is a bioelectric organism.

The acupuncturist can demonstrate it, Kirlian photography indicates it, chiropractic manipulation can release it if constricted, and biokinesiology is based on its principles. There are healthy frequencies for stress reduction, for diagnostic purposes mentioned above, and even for healing as Dr. Royal Rife demonstrated five decades ago. Therapeutic wave generating machines are in widespread use.

I would love to hear from you chiropractors if you use these electromagnetic wave generating machines, and what good (or bad) experiences you have had with them.

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