Korean Hand Acupuncture -- Part 2

By John Amaro, LAc, DC, Dipl. Ac.(NCCAOM), Dipl.Med.Ac.(IAMA)
I would love to assume every chiropractor, chiropractic student, and supplier known to exist on planet earth reads this column every month; however, if you are one who does not, I invite you to reconsider.

What you are to be presented with this month, as well as that presented in the last three columns, may very well have a significant impact on your patients, not to mention your practice.

Even though the topic of this column is "Acupuncture" and acupuncture is outside the scope of practice, when practiced with needle stimulation, in various parts of the world, it must be remembered, "acupuncture is a principle, not a technique." Therefore, there are numerous methods of stimulation which are internationally accepted and may be applied in a chiropractic practice to include simple finger pressure or "tapping," which is more than effective in a host of conditions. This is especially true in "Korean Hand Acupuncture."

As I am obviously limited by space in this column, allow me to present the remaining eight meridians not presented in Part 3 of this series. Look for part five next month. It is of vital importance to save each installment and keep it for future reference.

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