The Fairer Side of Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff
When Shawn Elizabeth Burns, a student at Southern California College of Chiropractic (SCCC) heard that Ocean Pacific (OP), a swim and sportswear company based in Southern California was looking for a representative of their product line, she sent them a photo. Although she knew that women from all over the country would be sending in their photos, she figured it was worth a try.

Shawn knew OP was of course looking for an attractive candidate but also someone goal-oriented and knowledgeable in some area of sports. Shawn felt she fit the critera: She was attractive, studying to be a chiropractic physician, was an aerobics instructor, and was active in cross-country running, surfing, and weight training.

OP narrowed down the selection process by choosing 36 women from the photos they received. Each woman was granted a personal interview. The interview process narrowed the field down to a dozen hopefuls. The 12 finalist were assembled during the annual OP Pro Surfing Championship in Huntington Beach. The pagent was held July 27th. When the judging was completed, Shawn Burns was crowned Miss Ocean Pacific for 1991-92.

Shawn's duties over the next year will include modeling and speaking engagements both in this country and abroad as a representative of OP sportswear.

While she is anticipating her graduation in December of this year, Shawn said that she enjoys the learning experience offered at SCCC. "I really appreciate the program at SCCC and the freedom of expression permitted on campus. I especially enjoy the patient contact offered through the clinic."

At SCCC Shawn is a member of the Chiropractic Philosophy Club, and a past officer in the student government.

We think you'll agree that Shawn will be a fine representative of chiropractic and we wish her a fruitful tenure as Miss OP.

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