Texas Chiropractic Association Promotes Grass Roots Write-in Campaign -- Commissioning DCs in the Military

By Editorial Staff
In 1991, "DC" has presented four articles centered around Senate bill (S.68) and House bill (H.R.608), the current pieces of legislation under consideration on Capitol Hill that would allow DCs to be commissioned in the military. (See the most recent story on the front page of this issue, "How the Military is Locking Out Chiropractic.")

The Texas Chiropractic Associations (TCA) has a Veterans Affairs Committee chaired by Craig R. Benton, D.C. The TCA has written a letter to every state association president and chiropractic college, urging them to support a write-in campaign to their individual representatives and senators, and in particular to Rep. Beverly Byron (D-Maryland).

Congresswoman Byron is a key legislator who heads a House Armed Services Subcommittee where H.R.608 is currently awaiting action. Dr. Benton feels that the chiropractic community needs to demonstrate a collective show of support for this legislation if the bill is to have any chance of survival.

A bill to commission DCs in the military was first introduced in Congress in 1934. Fifty similar bills have failed over the years to be signed into law.

Dr. Benton relates that since becoming chairman of TCA's Veterans' Affairs Committee, he has come across some interesting military/chiropractic success stories. Conversely, he has seen examples of how the military has wasted the valuable human resources of DCs who have enlisted, using them as x-ray technicians, nursing assistants, etc.

Dr. Benton reports the existence of a 1985 Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 98-525) which mandated a CHAMPUS study and a study on the use of DCs in the military. The study on DCs in the military, according to Dr. Benton, has never been done. "I believe only a few people in chiropractic are even aware that a law was created to study this proposal," Dr. Benton said.

TCA seeks your support. Write Congresswoman Byron today.

Editor's Note:

The ACA earlier this year put our a special "action bulletin" on S.68 and H.R.608. By calling the toll-free 1-800-325-6000 and asking for operator #9820 you can send a letter composed by the ACA via Western Union with you name and address on it to a state senator or representative for a total charge of only $10.00. Western Union bills your phone number.

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