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Palmer West Faculty Members Present Papers at WFC Congress

Palmer College of Chiropractic West faculty members were authors or co-authors of six papers presented at the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Congress in Toronto, Canada. The WFC Congress is an international event devoted to state-of-the-art in chiropractic research, and was held in conjunction this year with the American Back Society's Spring Symposium on Back Pain.

Papers in which Palmer West faculty members are credited as authors or co-authors included:

"Modification of Blood Beta-Endorphins and Melatonin Levels in Chronic Head and Neck Pain in Male Patients by Spinal Manipulation" (Dr. Ilyas Dhami and Dr. Robert Mootz);

"Lack of Evidence for a Relationship Between Low Back Pain and Asymmetrical Muscle Activity Using Scanning Electromyography" (Dr. William Meeker and Dr. Amo Wong)

"Proposal for Establishing Structure and Process in the Development of Implicit Standards of Care and Practice Guidelines" (Dr. William Meeker; non-PCCW faculty credited as co-authors include Drs. Alan Adams, Daniel Hansen and Reed Phillips)

"Procedure-specific Concordance of Two Methods of Motion Palpation with Goniometrically-assessed Cervical Lateral Flexion Asymmetry" (Dr. Robert Cooperstein, Dr. Richard Gardner, and Dr. Dale Nansel)

Palmer West Introduces "Clinical Excellence" Awards

Palmer West's graduation ceremonies will now formally recognize those students who have distinguished themselves during the clinical portion of their education with "Clinical Excellence" awards. In order to qualify for these awards, graduating interns will be judged in the following areas: "Chiropractic Adjustive Therapy," "Diagnosis," "Roentgenology," and "Case Management."

"The clinical faculty felt that in addition to those students who are honored at graduation for their academic achievements, it is equally important to recognize those students who have demonstrated strong clinical skills during their internship, for clinical competency is an extremely important academic goal of the college," said Dr. Kevin McCarthy, Palmer West dean of college clinics.

New Chairman of the Palmer West Dept. of Practice

Dr. Peter Fysh, a Palmer West faculty member since 1987, was appointed chairman of the college's department of practice. The department of practice includes the panels of principles and philosophy; chiropractic procedures; and clinical practice and electives. Dr. Fysh has a variety of responsibilities relating to activities and affairs of the department, including evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the department and recommended strategies for improvement.

Dr. William Meeker Presents Paper at Multi-diciplinary Conference

Palmer West Dean of Research, Dr. William Meeker, discussed "Advances in Manual Therapy" at "Cervical and Lumbar Spine: State of the Art '91," a multi-disciplinary conference conducted in San Francisco for allied health professionals interested in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical and lumbar disorders.

The two-day program, which featured some of the most renowned specialists in the field of spinal health care, addressed current technology and techniques used by DCs, allopathic physicians, surgeons and physical therapists in the diagnosis and treatment of painful disorders of the cervical and lumbar spine.

Dr. Abrahamson Named Postgraduate Education Director

Dr. Chris P. Abrahamson, Palmer West director of development and alumni affairs for the past three years, has been given the additional responsibility of directing the college's postgraduate and continuing education programs. Dr. Abrahamson is currently working on the '91/'92 postgraduate program with continuing education coordinator Seva Craven.

Dr. Robert Mootz Contributes Chapter to Low Back Pain Book

Palmer West professor Dr. Robert Mootz has contributed a chapter to The Conservative Care of Low Back Pain, a textbook whose interdisciplinary authorship draws from a diverse group of health care specialities from a non-surgical perspective. The 472-page book, edited by Dr. Arthur White, medical director at the S.F. Spine Institute, is one of the first multi-disciplinary textbooks to discuss hands-on clinical management for practitioners who treat low back pain.

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