The Vital Force and Innate

By Theodore Douglas Jesse, DC, D Hom
With homeopathy, disease is considered as being reactionary, that is, symptoms are measured by the reactions of the patient to the disruption of the flow of the vital force. The ability of the doctor to measure the energy available to an individual at any particular time allows one to determine the degree of health or disease affecting them.

Generally, a homeopath is not able to assess the percentage of energy loss in a patient mainly because the amount of vital force present in the organism is represented by symptoms. However, when using the principles of ionictherapy, a system of analysis that embraces the homeopathic and nutritional needs of the patient, we are able to monitor specifically the changing levels of the vital force.

"Society is brainwashed into accepting the premise that it must feel sick or experience pain to feel ill."

Awaiting the manifestation of symptoms is not preventative medicine. Society is brainwashed into accepting the premise that it must feel sick or experience pain to feel ill. Once this occurs people expect to be treated, and immediately feel a healing response. Physicians of all persuasions must begin to educate the population by introducing them to those concepts of maintaining health, rather than waiting for disease symptoms to manifest.

A patient must be assessed relative to their personal nutritional needs. The efficiency of their metabolism must be gauged and followed by the recommendation of specific homeopathic medicines that will direct their return to good health. It is essential that regular chiropractic treatment be maintained to assist the functioning of the nervous system.

In order to counteract disease states, it is necessary to gain an understanding of that which constitutes health for the total person. To appreciate this, we must first investigate that which constitutes the vital force, and how it affects bodily function in a constructive and purposeful fashion.

"A symptom denotes a change in the patient during disease, points out its nature and location."

D.D. Palmer expresses the function of innate and its relationship to health as follows: "In all animated nature, the functions are ordered by an intelligence, named Innate, which has had a lifetime of experience. Its commands are expressed in vital functions, their quality depending upon the condition of its channels of communication... a physical sign is an evidence of disease. A symptom denotes a change in the patient during disease, points out its nature and location. Each symptom is not a disease."

D.D Palmer relates that a disease is evidenced by physical signs that are called symptoms, and that these symptoms act as a gauge to what is occurring in the body generally. Symptoms indicate those areas within the organism that are lacking the animation of the vital force. The greater the number of symptoms, the greater the lack of energy available to that organism.

To encourage good health, we must re-establish the flow of the vital force, that is, increase the energy potential within the organism.

Stress and Disease

Stress is that factor of uncertainty or anxiety which is experienced by all human beings at one time or another. Stress is a segment of the vital force that creates changes in the environment, and especially the human organism. H. Syle is reported as stating that stress is the cause of all disease. Basically, stress is an indirect cause and is responsible for the manifestation of disease, and is not the cause.

Disease symptoms manifest due to the obstruction of the flow of the vital force, and in particular the flow of stress. Blockages to this flow are related to Hahnemann's miasm and psora. Psora occurs as a direct result of neglect of personal hygiene, bad living habits, environmental hazards, and hereditary taints. As the organism is one whole unit, the effects of mechanical and chemical stress will also create changes in the functioning of the emotive/mental areas thus producing distortions to the overall energy patterns of the body.

When the vital force meets an obstruction at any level within the organism two different sequences occur: There is a blockage to the flow; and there is a toxic buildup in the area. These two factors produce a manifestation of symptoms that are classified as diseases. A blockage to the energy flow is anionic in nature and is an alkaline buildup, whereas, a leakage of energy is cationic or acid. In either case the symptoms manifest due to the obstruction of the vital force, and in particular, stress. They are related to psora.

When considering the treatment of disease we must recognize that the above conditions will be encountered to a greater or lesser extent. In order to treat the whole problem we must always consider the physical, nutritional, emotional, and mental states of the patient as well as the effects of psora.

This concept must be applied with all the different healing modalities available. For instance, often the chiropractic adjustment does not always produce a permanent change because of nutritional or psoric involvement which actually reverses the effects of the adjustment. The tissues of the body may have been weakened over several years prior to seeking chiropractic care. The patients behavioral patterns, whether habitual or not, will tend to exacerbate the degeneration.

As we enlarge our view of the total pattern of causation, we will eventually look at providing the best health care of which we are capable.

In this article I have only covered the basic concepts of disease and its involvement with the vital force. All of the health professions in the world today are drawing closer to a greater understanding of the causal nature of disease.

Ionictherapy does provide some further understanding of the process of measuring the individual's energy potential. Once this measurement is accomplished, and the major organs of decline are mapped, we are better able to target the specific homeopathic needs, as well as any alteration to the patients nutritional needs. Further consultations will monitor the changing of the energy patterns and will indicate to both the doctor and patient the direction that the cure is following. It is the language of the body that we are interpreting.

In the treatment of disease the first requirement is the recognition of energy loss, and then the use of the correct modality to re-orient the energy flow. This is the purpose of a true healer.

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Theordore Douglas Jesse, D.C., D.Hom.
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