Correcting Nerve Interference with Homeopathy

By Frank King, DC
Homeopathy is the missing link that optimally fulfills the ultimate goals of the great profession of chiropractic. To experience the greatness of chiropratic, we must stand on the foundational principles and philosophy of our profession.

Homeopathy offers chiropractic the most effective and clinically proven system of correcting sensory nerve interference. Homeopathic repertories and materia medicas offers chiropratic a vast compilation of detailed neurosensory responses of the body.

Understanding that symptoms are the body's own intelligent way of communicating to us the sensory nerve interferences involved, we can now understand how homeopathy, which has this information extensively documented, can be so effective in clearing sensory nerve interferences (symptoms) and pathological reflex aberrations.

Now that we have an effective way of treating sensory nerve interferences and pathological reflexes, symptoms and nerve interference take on a whole new meaning. The subluxation complex is now further expanded into the other 80% of the nervous system. The subluxation complex is now more completely understood as a build-up of aberrant neurological dysfunctions that include reflex aberrations, aberrant memory patterns, and abnormal responses to sensory stimuli.

By the process of neurobiotaxis these neurological abnormalities become pathological reflexes or memory patterns resulting in abnormal maintenance and defense functions. These neurological patters or programs will ultimately initiate pathologies, i.e., symptoms and dis-ease.

We are in a time when our profession as a whole must be very careful not to fall into temptation by short term gains of something much less (the musculoskeletal practice), when our great profession has so much more to offer the world.

The most exciting part of my practice has been successfully correcting conditions that have been considered difficult or incurable.

Basic Support Materials for Homeopathy

Through using and testing various clinical aspects of homeopathy in the office over the past 10 years, I have narrowed the basic support materials down to three items for the successful use of homeopathy: a patient health appraisal questionnaire; personal health history worksheet; and a patient brochure explaining homeopathy.

The patient appraisal questionnaire is a most effective tool for educating both the patient and the doctor to all the health problems that can be helped. It establishes patients' awareness of their health status, and how chiropractic can help them. The questionnaire provides a grading of symptoms so the doctor can better choose the priority areas to begin treating the patient homeopathically. It helps the doctor more effectively monitor the progress of the patients' total health profile. It is easy for doctors to deceive themselves about true success levels and block out their failures. This thorough monitoring provides the doctor with the necessary truths about what has and what has not been corrected.

The history and consultation period is like a courtship. This is the time when your patients develop the depth of their commitment to you, the doctor. This is also a subtle educational time for patients to realize the seriousness and chronicity of their symptoms, and to be reassured that they do not have to live with these symptoms and that answers are available. The majority of patients with chronic health problems are led to believe they have to live with their conditions. This is the ideal time to begin dispelling these myths and to begin preparing patients for a health experience they may have never anticipated.

The patient brochure will inspire your patients and save you considerable time explaining homeopathy.

Frank J. King, Jr., N.D., D.C.
Asheville, North Carolina

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