Princess Di Visits the Anglo European College of Chiropractic -- Receives Fellowship

By Editorial Staff

BOURNEMOUTH, England -- The July 11, 1991 evening edition of the Bournemouth tabloid, the Evening Echo ran a six-page spread on the Princess of Wales' trip to this British city in Dorset county.

Princess Diana arrived in Bournemouth via helicopter and immediately went to the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC). The Princess is the college's patron and came to accept a fellowship from the school, the first ever awarded by the AECC.

The AECC was founded in 1965 as the first chiropractic college outside North America and offers a comprehensive four-year, full-time course in chiropractic. An outpatient clinic operates in connection with the college, providing complete chiropractic examination and treatment facilities for patients in the Bournemouth area. The clinic also provides chiropractic and x-ray consulting service for the profession in Britain and throughout Europe.

Princess Di had a first-hand look at the internationally diverse AECC student body at work in the "demonstration room." She was met there by 27-year-old Sven Boehne of Germany who demonstrated chiropractic manipulation techniques.

"She was very well informed about chiropractic," Sven said. "I showed her how we would mobilize a joint and told her I found it a very effective treatment."

The Princess spoke to Dr. Sharon Eaton, a lecturer at AECC. Dr. Eaton gave a demonstration on chiropractic treatment for expectant mothers.

"She asked about treating mothers with breech babies, and seemed very interested," said Dr. Eaton

Although her visit was running late, Princess Diana said: "I'm enjoying myself, don't worry about the time."

Princess Di then watched a private demonstration of chiropractic on two patients from Swanage.

Mr. Geoffrey Gibbs, 70 said: "She was lovely. She came in, plonked herself down and started telling me abut her bad back. She said she was very firmly committed to complementary medicine and was receiving treatment for her back."

The Princess enthused, "This has been a fascinating visit -- it's an area I support."

"I have chiropractic myself and have been for the last seven years. I have a bad back and standing up for long periods of time is bad news for your back," Diana confided.

Upon receiving her fellowship, Diana said: "I am thrilled to receive this, and not that skeleton I saw earlier."

Outside, the Princess shook many hands and her words were deafened by the children's cheers.

Editor's note: All quotes and particulars of Princess Di's visit to the AECC are taken from Faith Eckersall's article, "Di's back and says it hurts!" in the Evening Echo of July 11. "DC" wishes to thank the British Embassy in New York for supplying Diana's photo.

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