Statement by the Council on Chiropractic Education Regarding the Misuse of Its Name

By Ralph G. Miller, EdD
The purpose of this statement is to alert the readers to a situation which is causing the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) serious concern.

A number of individuals and companies have been misusing the name, CCE. The misappropriation of CCE's name has been occurring in the context of the submission, denial, and approval of claims for payment for chiropractic services to insurance companies. Individuals and companies have attributed the authorship of a fictitious document to CCE and, in turn, have used that document to justify and lend credibility to their advice or their decisions regarding the submission, denial or approval of claims. For example, CCE has discovered more than one reimbursement consultant whose advertising has claimed that his advice is either derived from or consistent with "CCE standards." In addition, instances have been uncovered where insurance carriers and companies administering claims have, on occasion, denied or allowed claims based on criteria for the treatment of patients which these organizations have falsely alleged are derived from CCE's publications.

CCE is a national accrediting association for chiropractic colleges. In that regard, CCE publishes an accreditation manual, Standards for Chiropractic Institutions (the Standards). The Standards establish criteria for the accreditation of a chiropractic college and describe the accrediting process. The Standards were not intended to provide guidance or assistance to consultants to chiropractors or to insurance companies in connection with the treatment of patients. The Standards were not intended to establish any national or community standards which could logically be used by a chiropractor, a reimbursement expert advising a chiropractor, or an insurance company or claims processing company in connection with the submission or processing of claims for payment.

CCE has never authored or published any document which would have any applicability in assisting those who submit or review claims for payment for the treatment of chiropractic patients.

Whenever specific examples of such practices have been brought to CCE's attention, CCE has attempted to communicate with those individuals and companies responsible for these misstatements. CCE has notified them that such practices are not authorized and must cease. Nevertheless, CCE continues to receive information indicating that these practices may be widespread and continuing. It was therefore felt that it was important to notify the readers of the existence of this problem and of CCE's response.

CCE considers that the misuse of its name as described above is damaging to CCE and to the accreditation process in that it tends to suggest that CCE, as an accrediting organization, is in the business of advising insurance companies and reimbursement consultants and developing guidelines which can be used by such organizations. This is a total falsehood. CCE is of the view that it is imperative that these practices not continue and is, therefore, committed to take whatever steps are necessary to protect its reputation as a national accrediting association of chiropractic colleges.

For these reasons, CCE asks the readers to notify CCE in writing at the address listed below if readers have personal knowledge of any individual or company that continues to misuse CCE's name in the manner described above. CCE also places on notice all individuals and companies misusing CCE's name, that such practices should cease immediately and that a continuation of such practices will result in CCE taking appropriate legal measures against those responsible.

Ralph G. Miller, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President
The Council on Chiropractic Education
West Des Moines, Iowa

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