Chiropractors in France Need Our Help

By Steve Kelly, managing editor

It wasn't so long ago, that DCs in the United States were jailed for the unpardonable sin of practicing chiropractic. Many reading this will nod solemly as memory serves. Some newer members of the DC population, can only try to imagine what that part of chiropractic history must have been like. Those were trying (no pun intended) times.

Dynamic Chiropractic recently received a letter from Albert Tournier, vice president of the Groupement de la Chiropractic Fondamentale. This group is a patient association developed to organize the financial and moral defense of chiropractic in France. Mr. Tournier's letter related a grave situation concerning chiropractic oppression in France.

Five chiropractors from Lyon, France:

  • Dr. Annie Yvroux, graduate of Anglo European College of Chiropractic 1965;

  • Dr. Daniel Puech, graduate of National College of Chiropractic 1972;

  • Dr. Philippe Albertini, graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic 1981;

  • Dr. Patrick Sermet, graduate of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic; and

  • Dr. Gerard Yvroux, graduate of National College of Chiropractic, 1965
are being sued for "illegal practice of medicine" by the Ordre des Medecins (French equivalent of the AMA). It's interesting to note that four of the five doctors received their chiropractic degrees in the United States.

The trial date is set for January 22, 1991.

According to defendant Dr. Gerard Yvroux, each of the doctors of chiropractic may face fines of up to $12,000, including damages to the Ordre des Medicins.

It is difficult not to feel optimistic as we stand, poised to leap into a new decade. As we strengthen our stride into 1991, let us do so by unequivocally expressing our objections of this treatment of our French chiropractic brethren. Let us each do his part to support and claim the rights of these victimized practitioners in their time of need.

The Groupement de la Chiropractic Fondamentale in France is seeking our support. Chiropractors, students of chiropractic, or those concerned about fostering the true globalization of chiropractic, -- chiropractic free of the legal shackles medicine-oriented legislators would have us wear, are being asked to write letters and petitions of support. Mr. Tournier will forward all letters to the proper destinations in his country.

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