Report from the 1996 Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Advisory Committee

By Editorial Staff
The committee founded by 10 chiropractic organizations for the purpose of promoting education, scientific research, and Olympic involvement held, its first quarterly meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, January 16, 1993.

Phil Santiago, D.C., CCSP, opened with a presentation of his experience as the only chiropractic member of the 1992 U.S. Olympic medical staff in Barcelona (see "Olympic Games Inspire Optimal Athletic Care" in the Dec. 4, 1992 issue of "DC"). The lengthy process of being credentialed and selected as the chiropractor for the Olympic Team was one of continuing education, personal commitment, and teamwork with the entire medical staff.

The committee's 1996 International Multidisciplinary Symposium Chairman Thomas E. Hyde, D.C., CCSP, provided an update on organizations being approached to endorse or support the symposium. Over 60 letters have been mailed to health care provider organizations offering the opportunity to participate. To date, 15 have accepted the invitational and will be actively involved during the next four years.

Mr. Richard Koons with Vista Marketing has been hired by the advisory committee to assist with the public relations and marketing of the symposium. Current effort is being put forth toward developing a vendor and sponsorship package. Those interested in assisting with the symposium, contact Dr. Hyde at (305) 893-3892.

The committee is exploring a joint venture with the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games. Mr. Mike Mushett, executive vice president of the Paralympic Games spoke to the members of the significance of the games. The Paralympics involve over 3,500 physically challenged athletes representing 102 countries (see "Paralympic Games, Barcelona" in the Dec. 18, 1992 issue of "DC"). The games are scheduled for August 17 to September 4, 1996, in Atlanta, utilizing many of the same venues as the Olympics. Subsequent meetings are planned with the Paralympic Games Committee.

Ms. Susan Barnes, CPA, presented the articles of incorporation and the proposed five-year budget. This is necessary for the filing of a 501C-3 status enabling the committee to operate as a charitable nonprofit organization.

The Travel to Treat Subcommittee representative, Pam Putnman, D.C., CCSP, forwarded a report through Dr. Bisset, that her committee is proceeding towards approval for temporary licensure. Georgia law has provisions that may allow for temporary licensure. A presentation was made to the Georgia Board of Examiners to pursue this process.

Richard Rosenkoetter, D.C., CCSP, reported on his meeting with a representative from the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) about submitting a logistical plan for chiropractic services during the 1996 Olympic Games. A subcommittee has been formed to organize those efforts.

The next advisory committee meeting is scheduled in Atlanta, April 16-17, 1993. If you wish further information, please contact your 1996 Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Advisory Committee representative:

ACA Sports Council Dr. Thomas Hyde (305) 892-3892

FICS: Dr. Bryan Nook (712) 275-4790

GCA Sports Council: Dr. Richard Rosenkoetter (404) 233-2440

GCC: Dr. Stephen Nudelman (706) 353-8032

Dr. Brad Pizza (404) 761-6200

ICA Sports Council: Dr. Jack Barnathan (516) 931-1140

Life Chiropractic College: Dr. Bob Bell (800) 672-8543

Sports Master Program: Dr. Deloss Brubaker (800) 672-8543

USOC: Dr. John Danchik (617) 489-1220

Southeastern Chiropractic

Federation: Dr. Tracy Watson (404) 993-0572

WCA Dr. Richard Kowalski (706) 534-8812

Others: Dr. Suzanne Bisset (404) 564-0206

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