I.Q. -- Interesting Quote

By Editorial Staff
Ask Ann Landers

Want to know how the public views the efforts of licensing boards to police their professions? One point of view was expressed by Ann Landers in her July 30, 1995 syndicated advice column. A reader asked about a North Carolina surgeon (Dr. Sattler) who has been found guilty of endangering his patients. Instead of lambasting the doctor, Ms. Landers rightly placed the responsibility squarely on the licensing board for suspending the doctor's license a mere two months.

"Thank you for keeping me posted. I must say, however, it is not Sattler who is on trial, it's the members of the North Carolina Medical Licensing Board. They decide who can practice. I'm glad I live in Illinois."
People expect a licensing board to shoulder much of the responsiblity for the safety, honesty, and integrity of those professionals it regulates. Chiropractic licensing boards should take heed.

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