Is Homeopathy Chiropractic? -- Part II

By Frank King, DC
Editor's note: Part I of Dr. King's article appeared in the May 22, 1995 issue of "DC."

What Kind of Dis-Eases Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopathy does not treat dis-eases per se. Homeopathy activates the body's own healing process in both the physical and mental/emotional realms. The range of problems in which homeopathy can be effectively utilized is extensive and includes first aid, acute illness, and all manners of chronic conditions.

In acute cases, the appropriate homeopathic remedy corrects sensory nerve interferences. These sensory neurological responses are often noticed within minutes or even seconds, in the way of symptomatic relief, and stabilization of the subluxation complex, following the appropriate adjustment.

In chronic cases, the appropriate homeopathic remedy corrects both the sensory nerve interference and the deep seated pathological reflexes associated with it. Though astounding improvements often take place, do not be discouraged if these instant improvements do not readily take place in long-term chronic cases. As a homeopathic remedy is working on deep seated pathological reflexes, the vitality of the patient is strengthened. This may even evoke a temporary worsening of symptoms, which is a good sign. These symptoms are usually short lived and followed by an improvement of the original symptoms.

Past Critics to Present Believers

The major criticism that some in the scientific community have had with homeopathy, concerns the point that homeopathy's specific attenuations are diluted beyond 24x. Theoretically there would not be any of the original molecules remaining in it, based upon Avogardro's number, which is 6,253 x 10-23 (the number of molecules in a mole of any substance). The faithful believers in the Newtonian physics cannot conceive any reality beyond this point. However, homeopaths do agree it is not the molecules that are responsible for its healing effects, but some form of molecular activity that works profoundly with the nervous system. Quantum physics offer many explanations of activity beyond the molecular. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tests have demonstrated subatomic activity in double blind studies. Laboratory studies with animals have shown how dilutions beyond Avogadro's number consistently eliminated trapped arsenic that was previously fed to rats. These are just two of many double blind studies that have been done in homeopathy.

One other theory explaining homeopathy's effectiveness beyond the molecular can be explained by Swedish plasma physicist and Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfevs' observations with physical matter and antimatter. Hannes Alfevs' has stated: "In the laboratory whenever we produce matter from energy we also produce equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Antimatter and matter have opposite electrical charges, and when they are combined they annihilate each other and release a great amount of energy."

Many believe that this appears to be an accurate description of how homeopathic remedies function in the body. Matter (the pathological condition) and antimatter (the homeopathic remedy) unite to produce relatively large amounts of energy. The body's nervous system can then utilize this specific energy pattern for its restoration or homeostasis.

Because of homeopathy's proven effectiveness with dilutions beyond the molecular level, this demonstrates again its link to the nervous system. Although complete scientific explanation of homeopathy's dynamic function cannot be fully explained, complete scientific documentation of its actions within the human body is thoroughly understood and functionally used with effectiveness and safety. Just as a complete scientific explanation of the functions of a magnet cannot be fully explained, it can functionally be applied to generate electricity or power a motor with predictability and safety.

I ask you to try and test homeopathy for yourselves and see that:

  1. Homeopathy is the purest adjunctive to chiropractic since the adjustment.


  2. Homeopathy is the ideal complement to chiropractic. With the advent of the homeopathic renaissance in recent years, it is truly in the heart of this author to see chiropractors make homeopathy a part of the armamentarium of chiropractic in its purest sense, before other disciplines may claim it exclusively to themselves.

The 21st Century Chiropractic Will Treat the Whole Nervous System

For our chiropractic profession to progress into the 21st century and grow into the potential leadership role we have as primary health care physicians of the human control system, we must seriously look at the dynamic role of the whole sensory nervous system.

The homeopathic repertories and materia medica offer us a vast compilation of detailed neurosensory responses of the human body. This homeopathic research goes back to the first recorded double-blind crossover studies dating as far back as 1906.

Homeopathy offers the chiropractor the most effective, clinically proven, and researched system of adjunctive treatment.

The founder of chiropractic himself, D.D. Palmer, did not intend for us to build idol worship around the therapeutic values of the chiropractic adjustment as the ultimate achievement for our great profession.

With the appropriate use of homeopathy you can see an 80 percent increase in clinical effectiveness, with the expanded number of diversified cases for which you will be successful.

Frank King, DC
Asheville, North Carolina

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