Annual Public Health Meeting Set for San Diego

By Editorial Staff
The American Public Health Association (APHA), which since 1983 has recognized chiropractic as "... safe and effective for neuromusculoskeletal disorders, and especially low back problems," will hold its annual meeting in San Diego, California, October 29-November 2, 1995.

There are now over 850 DCs in the APHA, holding membership in the Radiological Health section, and in the Chiropractic Forum -- Special Interest Group. During the meeting the APHA governing council will voting on whether to establish a full section for chiropractic, a first in APHA history.

The APHA annual meeting is the largest public health gathering in the world, attended by as many as 12,000 leaders in national, state, local, and international health, and representatives from all levels of government; all health disciplines and professions are represented. As with last year, there will be chiropractic booths in the exhibit hall, and chiropractic topics presented among the scientific and technical papers. There will be four full sessions dedicated to chiropractic topics, including 20 papers contributed by some 57 chiropractic authors and co-authors.

For further information contact either Dr. Rand Baird at (310) 373-2225, or Dr. Craig Nelson at (612) 888-4777 ext. 154.

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