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Weighty Matters
PCCW Student/Weightlifter Sets Sights on Olympics

David Conragan freelifts at the Olympic Festival. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
PCCW student David Conragan has qualified to compete at the Olympic Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

Palmer West student David Conragan, continuing his quest to compete as a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic weightlifting team, placed third in the 83 kilo (183 lbs.) division of the Sr. National Weightlifting Championships held recently in Fresno. There were over 200 athletes at the competition, including 14 in David's division. His marks of 292 lbs. (snatch), and 352 lbs. (clean and jerk), qualified him to participate in the Olympic Festival, July 21-23, in Boulder, Colorado.

The US Olympic Weightlifting team will take the top 10 competitors (based on the percentage the athlete lifts beyond their qualifying total) to the '96 Games.

"My dream," David said, peering into the future, "is to receive my chiropractic degree next March, qualify for the Olympics in May, and compete in the Games next summer."


Palmer West Student Elections

The Palmer West student chapters of the American Chiropractic Association and the California Chiropractic Association recently elected executive officers.

Palmer West student ACA chapter Officers. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Officers of the Palmer West student ACA chapter (from left): Hank Hu (treasurer); Jason Lovaas (vice president); Fariborz Ansari (president); Tracy Goins (secretary); and Randy Clinton (legislative rep.).

Palmer West student CCA chapter Officers. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Officers at the Palmer West student CCA chapter (Front row L to R): Navine Haworth and Alissa Gomez; (Back row L to R) Michael Ludovico; Jack Bourla (president) and Fariborz Ansari.


Students Council Elections at Life West

New Life West student council officers. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
The new Life West student council officers are (from left): Claudia Sandino (vice president); Larry Adams (president); Shane Watt (secretary); and Amy Bovenkamp (treasurer).


Life West Faculty/Students Treat "AIDS Ride 2" Cyclists

Life West faculty members Susan Bromley, DC, Michael Hickey, DC, and clinic interns Gregg Anderson, Rick Bonar, and Laurie Klein, treated participants of AIDS Ride 2, a 525-mile bicycle trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles, May 14-20, that raised money for AIDS research and medical services. The group offered adjustments, and cared for the inevitable strains, sore muscles, and related musculoskeletal conditions associated with long-distance bicycling.

Approximately 2,500 cyclists participated in this year's AIDS Ride, which raised an estimated $3.9 million for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic in Los Angeles. Each cyclist was required to raise a minimum of $2,000 to participate.


Dr. Carl Cleveland III - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Dr. Carl Cleveland III, president of the Cleveland colleges.

Dr. Cleveland to Chair Philosophy Dept.

Dr. Cleveland III has been appointed chairman of the newly formed philosophy department of the California Chiropractic Foundation (CCF), the educational affiliate of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA). According to the CCA, the CCF philosophy department's goal is to enhance the professionalism and unity of DCs in California, and to advocate high quality and consumer choice in health care. "The philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic have an important role in the new and evolving health care environment," Dr. Cleveland said.


Cleveland College, L.A., Appoints Alumni Coordinator

Diane Martini was hired in April as coordinator of alumni services for Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. She will serve as the liaison between CCCLA and its alumni, working on the alumni association's programs and activities.



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