Kansas Videos Garner a Gold and Three Bronzes at Worldfest International Film Awards

KCA videos also win three creative excellence awards at U.S. International Film/Video Festival

By Editorial Staff
At the 28th Worldfest awards in Houston, Texas, April 29, the largest film and video competition in the world (4,100 entries from 37 countries), the video, "Chiropractic: The Proven Choice," produced by the Kansas Chiropractic Association (KCA), was presented the gold medal in the scientific research division of film and video production. Accepting the award at the black-tie ceremony, attended by an international continent of 500 television and film industry leaders, were Kansas video committee members James Edwards, DC (chairman), Darrell Fore, DC, Edward McKenzie, DC, and Judy Pope, JD, and director Anita Harnett.

Dr. McKenzie said the video had a large target audience that includes not only patients, but legislators, workers' compensation policymakers, industrial employers, managed care executives, and insurance company personnel.

"Winning the gold medal may have already opened some doors for the chiropractic profession," said KCA President Dr. Darrell Fore. He spoke with a CNN executive about the possibility of broadcasting a portion of the video on their network.

You may recall that the KCA's first video production, "The Doctor of Chiropractic," won the silver medal at last year's Worldfest (See Jan. 16, 1995 "DC"). Past recipient of Worldfest awards include several filmakers whose work you may be acquainted with: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, David Lynch, and Oliver Stone.

At this year's Worldfest, the KCA also garnered three bronze medals:

  • "The Doctor of Chiropractic, Second Edition" (television infomercial division);


  • "Recommendations of the AHCPR" (public service division);


  • "Chiropractic Care: How Safe?" (scientific research division).

The KCA also won three certificates of creative excellence at the 1995 U.S. International Film and Video Festival in Chicago:
  • "Chiropractic: The Proven Choice" Certificates of Creative Excellence (medicine and health category);


  • "Chiropractic Care: How Safe?" (medicine and health category);


  • "Recommendations of the AHCPR" (PSA television advertising category);

Eight thousand Kansas videos are in the hands of doctors and policymakers across the country. For more information, contact the Kansas Chiropractic Assoc. at (913) 233-0697.

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