The Practice Magic of a Dominant Thought

By John F. Demartin
What are your innermost dominant thoughts? Are they focused on serving your patients, or are they scattered by the frustrations you are experiencing within or around your practice?

Until your dominant thoughts are towards your patients, don't expect them to come into your office. They have to know that you care about them before they will care about you. Successful doctors focus their attention on their number one priority, their patients. They concentrate their thoughts on those services they can provide that can and will best serve their patients' needs.

If your dominant thoughts are about personal finances, association issues, HMO or PPO restrictions, economic changes, personal matters, vacations and hobbies, you can't expect your practice to be booming or exploding with patients. Patients can tell when you are present and truly thinking about their well-being. In fact, it is amazing to see how many patients call, come in, or refer to your office when you simply read and concentrate on their individual patient files. By having you and your staff members gather in the patient file room at least once a month and alphabetically, very thoroughly review patient files one by one, you can work wonders towards revitalizing a plateaued practice. Just concentrate your dominant thought on their well-being for a minute or two, thinking of what special services and what forms of appreciation would be best for them when they next walk into your office.

Focusing your thoughts back onto your number one priority -- your patients -- can be a powerful and magical practice booster. On the average, at least 10 percent of the patients you concentrate on will activate or reactivate their enthusiasm for your health care services. When you can't wait to see them, they can't wait to see you. When your dominant thought is their health, they end up on your table. When your dominant thought is your own problems, you end up on your own table.

It is a great gift to be able to change your innermost thoughts and thereby change your outermost practice realities. To be given the opportunity to serve your patients with your hands, your head, and your heart is one of the greatest gifts you could be given. To be able to transform your practice by simply a magical shift in your dominant thought is priceless.

Dr. John F. Demartini
Houston, Texas

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