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By Editorial Staff
NYCC Adds Biomechanics/Gait Research Lab

The research department at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) has announced the establishment of a biomechanics/gait research laboratory. Faculty and technical assistant positions have been approved and recruitment will begin soon.

Dr. Arnold Bulbulian, research director at NYCC, hopes the research department will be able to purchase a state-of-the-art motion analysis system capable of capturing and analyzing the fastest of human motions, including measuring the thrust/impulse speed of a chiropractic adjustment. The facility will also provide opportunities to study normal and abnormal human gait patterns to diagnose neural, musculoskeletal and/or orthopedic problems.

The NYCC research department is undertaking a golf study designed to determine the causes and remedies for the high incidence of low back pain in older adult golfers. The capabilities of the new lab will be a great help in documenting the positive outcomes of chiropractic care in golf and numerous other sports, and industrial, or occupational activities.

Interest in research at NYCC is growing rapidly, with more than a dozen research protocols at various stages. During the winter trimester, the research department initiated the first monthly seminar series lectures to broaden research interests and promote creative thinking in a multidisciplinary setting. In March 1997, Dr. Toni Rosner visited the campus to conduct a grant-writing seminar for the faculty. And in April, Dr. Gary James, associate professor of physiology at Cornell University Medical College, presented a lecture on "the influence of behavioral factors on the daily variation of blood pressure."

"I am increasingly heartened by the research interest I have seen at NYCC over the past six months," said Dr. Bulbulian.

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