ACC Position Papers Born of Consensus

College Presidents Establish Historic Statements on Chiropractic Paradigm, Scope and Practice

By Editorial Staff
The Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) has taken a second step towards meaningful chiropractic consensus. The first stride was made when the chiropractic college presidents put their signatures to their first position paper, "The ACC Chiropractic Paradigm." That historic first paper was published in July 1996, and inserted in the September 12, 1996 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic so that every DC and student in North America could have a copy.

In this issue, you will find the ACC's four-page insertion (placed between pages 24-25), that includes the first position paper, plus a second position paper, "ACC Chiropractic Scope and Practice." Please pull these position papers out and keep them for future reference.

In reading the two position papers, keep in mind that they are the result of an intense consensus effort of the ACC. As the cover letter suggests, they are an effort to "clarify our professional common ground and define chiropractic's role within the health care delivery system." Each of the college presidents contributed to these position points.

Chiropractic practice, scope, paradigm, and the subluxation are presented for your consideration. Please send any thoughts or comments to:

ACC President Reed Phillips, DC, PhD
C/O Los Angeles Chiropractic College
P.O. Box 1166
Whittier, CA 90631

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