The Beach, Golf and Chiropractic

By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN
When Tim Brown,DC, had lunch with a couple of friends who happened to be patients and business executives, he expected the usual - health questions, sports talk, and catching up on local affairs. What he got was a request he was totally unprepared for.

"Could we use your name to raise money for an environmental group that focuses on the beach and our watershed?" he was asked. They knew their doctor would not say "no" to a golf tournament to raise money for a worthy cause.

With Dr. Brown on board, organizers had little trouble lining up a host of sponsors for the tournament's benefactor, the Orange County Coast Keepers, a nonprofit group in Southern California that educates children on the environment, protects the common waterways and keeps an eye on polluters. Its latest operation is the development of kelp beds, critical for the ecosystem. It is this project that will receive the majority of the proceeds from the event, the Tim Brown Invitational Golf Tournament at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine, California. As of this writing, the tournament is weeks away. (Editor's note: The event took place September 26.)

Tim Brown, "the beach doctor," literally brought chiropractic to the highly competitive "pro-beach" subculture. He was the first medical director of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) professional beach volleyball tour, and the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) world professional surfing tour. In 1998, he was the ACA Sports Council's "Chiropractor of the Year."

Orange County, California, 30 miles south of Los Angeles, is the board-sports-industry capital (surf, snow and skate), and the site of the tournament. In a county that has over 500 chiropractors, there is only one who can attract corporate sponsors and star athletes from the world of lifestyle sports. Tim Brown's name caused major players to quickly line up, including Ocean Pacific; Quicksilver; Oakley; Volcum; Smith Optics; and Innovation Sports. There are also local companies unrelated to sports that got involved.

Professional surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders jumped at the chance to help the environment that supports their lifestyle, and the doctor they turn to when their problems require more than a basic adjustment, massage or exercise. Two athletes taking part in the event are six-time Men's World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater, and four-time Women's World Surfing Champion Laine Beachley.

Surfing is not the only sport that will be represented by stars. Professional beach volleyball champion Brian Lewis, X-Games champ Chet Thomas and NFL player Paul Green (owner of two Super Bowl championship rings) are among the many notables who will be competing in this inaugural event.

Why would so many companies help out a chiropractor? CEOs to secretaries listen to the athletes they sponsor and go to the man with the reputation of "solving the tough ones." Dr. Brown's philosophy, teaching wellness and prevention through lifestyle (instead of dependency), is well received and has resulted in a loyal following that is thrilled at the opportunity to give back.

Dr. Brown is an example for us all, and proof that success can be achieved without gimmicks, hype or dogma.

G. Douglas Andersen,DC,DACBSP,CCN
Brea, California

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