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Finally – the Whole Truth about the AMA's campaign to Contain and Eliminate Chiropractic
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Contain and EliminateIn 1975, a whistleblower, who called himself "Sore Throat," fed information about how the AMA's Committee on Quackery was aiming to "contain and eliminate" a competing profession, chiropractic.
The new book, "Contain and Eliminate: The American Medical Association's Conspiracy To Destroy Chiropractic," answers previously unanswered questions about conspiracies within conspiracies involving the Church of Scientology v. the AMA and the AMA v. chiropractors in one of the longest antitrust cases in U.S. history.
This story has never been told in its entirety.

Louis Sportelli"CONTAIN AND ELIMINATE is a story that needs to be told not for revenge but for restoration and rehabilitation to the image of chiropractic which was disparaged and destroyed resulting in millions of patients who would never seek the services of a doctor of chiropractic because the image of the profession was so tarnished by the ACTIVITIES of the American Medical Association." Who should get a copy of the book CONTAIN AND ELIMINATE? Everyone who has been either positively or negatively impacted by the decades of illegal activity of the American Medical Association.
From your interested patients, to your medical physician friends to your attorney and especially your library, this story needs to be shared with those who may never have understood the plight of the chiropractic profession and your struggle to survive.

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