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Dynamic ROM-SEMG: Functional Synergy in a PI Practice

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Peter Crownfield, Executive Editor of Dynamic Chiropractic

Geoffrey Gerow, DC, DABCO

David Marcarian, MA
NASA-Trained Muscle Function Expert
NIH Principal Investigator
Inventor/patent-holder on DynaROM Soft Tissue Injury Evaluation System
Expert witness with a record of prevailing in 100% of over 40 legal cases

Topics include:

  • Proper utilization of scientific data in PI cases.
  • Dynamic ROM-SEMG Case Studies
  • The value of the evidence-based model in chiropractic
Case Study Links:
Lumbar Radiculopathy - A Correlative Study
Treatment with Flexion Distraction
Lumbar Disc Herniation - A Correlative Study

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