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Chiropractic Medicare Act Back on the Table

Reintroduced in House, Senate on March 14th

By Editorial Staff


Chiropractic Commercial Airs on CNN

By Editorial Staff
A 30-second commercial developed by the F4CP and promoting chiropractic for older adults aired twice during CNN's television premiere of "American Pain" on Feb. 5.
Techniques & Tools

Endonasal "Balloon Assisted" Cranial Adjusting: Why & How

Tap Into the Other 80% of the Nervous System

By Adam Del Torto, DC
Are you insane? were the first words that came to mind when I was first introduced to this unique technique in 1984 at a seminar. Years later, I took the seminar and quickly realized what had been missing from my practice.
Clinical Pearls

Synovial Plica Syndrome

By James Lehman, DC, MBA, DIANM
This article addresses a common cause of anterior knee pain. Appropriate diagnosis of this knee condition is commonly overlooked. The putative case report presents a male patient suffering with knee pain with an insidious onset.
Senior Health

Give Patients a Metabolism Boost

Why Metabolism Slows With Age and How to Help Preserve It

By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB
The average decline in metabolic rate after age 20 is estimated to be around 2-5% per decade. Let's discuss some of the factors that influence the rate of decline – and what you can do to increase patients' metabolism as they age.

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