Whiplash / Neck Pain

New Recommendations for Managing Neck Pain

By Editorial Staff

The Clinical Compass has released new recommendations for the nondrug treatment of neck pain and whiplash disorders. The document summarizes a 16-point best-practice approach to neck pain and provides specifics regarding patient recovery / maximum therapeutic benefit; informed consent; red and yellow flags; pain parameters; diagnostic imaging guidelines for acute and chronic neck pain; treatment frequency and duration; passive modalities for acute and subacute neck pain and other clinical considerations.

Billing / Insurance / Records

E&M Denials When Billed With CMT: What to Do

By Samuel A. Collins

I have been receiving increasing inquiries regarding the denial of Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes 99201-99215 when billed with chiropractic manipulation. It appears to be happening on a wide scale, so I want to address this improper denial, and how to dispute and be proactive in getting it paid without appeal.

Pain Management

Working With Pain: Best-Practice Principles

By Marc Heller, DC

What principles stand the test of time and research to provide guidance in the challenge of working with patients in pain? The following is drawn from 40 years of experience in practice, and from the evidence. Special thanks to Stuart McGill, PhD, my current favorite teacher. As usual, my examples are focused on the lower back, but can apply to any pain.

Education & Seminars

Chiropractic CE: At a Crossroads & a Crisis


The chiropractic profession is being accepted at unprecedented levels nationally. We have emergency rooms, hospitals, surgical and medical groups, large corporations and a myriad of other entities seeking out the "best of the best" in our profession to refer to and work with collaboratively. This is called "primary spine care," where we are the first referral option for mechanical spine issues.

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Mitchell White
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