Help Patients Avoid COVID Hospitalization

By Editorial Staff
Vaccine is the buzzword these days, but let's not forget about natural options that, while they may not prevent COVID-19 infection, appear to reduce the chances your patients will suffer serious consequences if they do end up contracting the virus.
Inside the Profession

A Huge First for Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff
Carlos Ayres, DC, has been appointed president of the World Federation of Chiropractic – a historic first for the WFC and the chiropractic profession.
Back Pain

Are Disc Degenerations and Herniations Just Incidentalomas?

By Ronald Feise, DC
A new patient brings in an MRI showing moderate-to-severe disc degeneration to several lumbar discs. This patient has no pain, but is mildly restricted in all ranges of motion, and failed her lumbar spinal muscular endurance physical performance tests. Is this disc degeneration normal for a 39-year-old?
Clinical Toolbox

Piercing the Veil on Dry Needling

By Aaron Wiegand, DC, CCST, FIAMA, SFDN
The chiropractic profession is well-equipped, with its uniquely detailed knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, to utilize this expansion of our scope in all of the ways the peer-reviewed literature continues to illuminate dry needling's efficacy.

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