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WebMD Makes Historic Invite to Chiropractors

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress facilitates profession's inclusion.

By Editorial Staff
The Profession

Seminar Adjusting Isn't the Problem; This Is

Dr. Lehman's entire article ["Quickie Seminar Adjustments Have No Place in Chiropractic," February 2019 issue] is a straw man written for the lawyers. Show us the actual damage; the cases in which harm has actually occurred.

Pain Management

Surgeon General's Advisory on Conservative Care: What If?

By Steven Visentin

U.S. Surgeon General Jefferson Carter, MD, MPH, is urging medical physicians to increase referrals to qualified doctors of chiropractic. The surgeon general is now recommending that more individuals who are seeking to eliminate pain and increase their level of overall health and wellness utilize conservative health care measures by doctors of chiropractic before turning to potentially dangerous drugs.

Health & Wellness

Is Dehydration the Cause? A Commonly Overlooked Etiology

By Bill Reddy, LAc, Dipl. Ac.

Water covers 71 percent of the Earth's surface. It's found in every living organism and is considered the "universal solvent," yet we take it for granted as the foundation for optimal health. Our bodies depend on water for a variety of physiological processes.

Chiropractic Coverage

Are Insurers Aware of Their Legal Obligations to DCs?

By James Lehman, DC, MBA, FACO

In this article, let's discuss the ethical and legal business behavior expected from health insurance companies based upon federal law. Hopefully, the chiropractic profession can realize the potential to improve chiropractic reimbursements for medically necessary and reasonable fees.

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