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The #1 Thing You Can't Fake in Your Practice

By Steven Visentin

Marketing / Office / Staff

Is Your Informed-Consent Form Putting You in Jeopardy?

By James Edwards, DC

As a chiropractic expert on many malpractice cases for both plaintiff and defense lawyers for more than a decade, I've discovered there is a huge problem with asking a new patient to sign an informed-consent form in the reception room before he or she has ever visited with the doctor.

Differential Diagnosis

Two Critical Tests for Identifying Hip / SI Pathology

By K. Jeffrey Miller, DC, MBA

Patrick's and Hibb's tests are traditionally considered to be tests for hip-joint pathology. However, the pair has also been described as tests for sacroiliac (SI) joint pathology. In reality, the tests can serve both purposes. This makes the pair extremely useful when it comes to differential diagnosis in the clinical setting.

Pain Management

The Painful Side of Pain Medications

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

Every drug has side effects – every drug. The vast majority of these side effects are unknown until long after the drug is released for use by the public. This month's report of findings is not just for you, the doctor, but also your patients, family and loved ones. Please share it with everyone you care about.

Billing / Insurance / Records

Clearing Up the Confusion: Medicare Billing for DCs

By Samuel A. Collins

This is an interesting inquiry I have received a few times this year, which means we need to be sure the profession has the correct information. To that end, let's discuss how doctors of chiropractic interact with Medicare and also answer your question, to ensure there is absolutely no confusion.

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