cover story

Chiropractic Certification or Scam?

You be the judge: National Association of Certified Chiropractors.

By Editorial Staff

Ask the Billing Expert

Medicare Billing Done Right (Even in an All-Cash Practice)

By Samuel A. Collins

QUESTION: Is there any occasion that I can bill a Medicare patient for an amount greater than the Medicare-allowed charges for spinal CMT? I am also thinking of transitioning to an all-cash practice; if I decide to no longer be part of Medicare, can I still treat a Medicare patient for cash?

Marketing Your Practice

It's Time to Explore the Power of Email Marketing

By Rob Berman and Cindy Donaldson

For many of us, our first introduction to email was AOL and the infamous phrase, "You've Got Mail" when you logged on to the site. Fast forward a couple decades and the magic of email has been lost on many. Big mistake.

The Sports DC

Memorable Moments: DCs Working in Pro Sports (Pt. 1)

By Spencer Baron, DC, DACBSP and Christina DeBusk

We all have those moments in our lives that, when we look back on them, we can't help but smile. Some of these moments are entered around our careers. Here are six such moments as shared by a handful of sports DCs  esponsible for treating some of the world's most elite athletes.

Back Pain

LBP: Beyond the Adjustment - Top 5 Ancillary Methods

By Kevin M. Wong, DC

As you know, about 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lives. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. Other than adjustments, what natural methods do you use to address your patients' low back pain?

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Thomas Bayne
The Most Common Dysfunctions of The Standard American Gut in Chronic Illness
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Dr. Thomas Bayne, DC

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