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2018 Gallup-Palmer Report: Key Findings

By Editorial Staff

VA Chiropractic Reduces Veterans' Use of Opioids?

By Editorial Staff

Based upon recent research, VA chiropractors can indeed do a great deal of good when it comes to reducing veterans' reliance on opioid medications. Witness a 2018 study by Dr. Anthony Lisi, director of chiropractic services for the VA, and colleagues.

Active Care Protocols

Exercise Therapy Following Motor Vehicle Trauma (Pt. 2)

By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

In cases of cervical spine trauma, particularly trauma related to a motor vehicle accident, my plan is to teach the patient one exercise per session and build a progression. The following plan can fit into a trial of treatment over six weeks – e.g., you schedule the patient two times a week for six weeks. 

Marketing Your Practice

Map It: Understanding the Customer's Journey

By Rob Berman and Cindy Donaldson

One of the biggest marketing mistakes most practice owners or administrators make is not putting themselves in their prospective or current patients' shoes. How do they think and feel about you and your practice? What makes them take action? What do they say about you to others? Why do they stay – and more importantly, why do they leave?

Nutrition Essentials

Creatine: Muscle Fuel No Longer Just for Athletes!

By Naomi Albertson, MD

Erase that image of the 20-year-old, muscle-bound bodybuilder using creatine. Replace it with the image of a lean, strong, fit 80-year-old hiking up a mountain. Creatine, a staple of athletes for more than 50 years, is now being used by athletes and non-athletes alike to help slow normal age-related muscle loss, improve exercise recovery, increase strength, and live a more active lifestyle.

Your Profession

Year in Review: DC's Best of the Best for 2018

By Editorial Staff

As 2018 winds down, let's highlight the most popular articles in Dynamic Chiropractic this year. Popularity was determined by aggregating digital readership statistics, download / reprint requests, social media and forum comments, letters to the editor and other variables.

The Ethics of Care

Bait & Switch Right in Our Own Backyard


Last issue, Dr. James Lehman discussed the bait and switch tactic that appears to be alive and well in chiropractic. A reader chimes in with his perspective on this ongoing ethical challenge for the profession.

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