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Surgery for MSK Conditions: No Added Benefit

By Editorial Staff


Opening Doors for Chiropractic

David Elton, DC, is helping change the insurance industry – and health care – from the inside out.

By Editorial Staff
Dr. David Elton is no stranger to the insurance industry, with more than a quarter century performing clinical, credentialing, network designation, professional / government relations functions, and more for OptumHealth, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.
Practice Pearls

The Science of Sleeping Right


Here's Why No One Recommendation Fits All When It Comes to Sleep

By Mike Pound, DC, DIAPM
You've undoubtedly had a patient or two with neck pain come in who, when asked about it, responded, "I must have slept wrong." Are we really so fragile that simply sleeping in the wrong position can result in excruciating neck pain?
Financial Forum

HIPAA-Compliant Online Payment & Billing Services


Which One Do You Use (and How Compliant Is It)?

By David Bibbey, Dipl. Ac., LAc
There are countless ways protected health information (PHI) could be exposed during a financial transaction. All health care providers should be mindful that the most valuable consumer data being stolen, shared or sold is found in patients' health care records.

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